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Sport Utility Vehicle Tire
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:KR50
award 3

(1) Klever H/T (KR50) is the first City Crossover & SUV tire which stands for quiet and smooth ride. Klever H/T has four wide circumferential grooves and extreme siping help maintain wet traction and braking performance.
(2) With the Klever H/T, we’ve engineered a tire for Sport Utility Vehicle that is adept at offering excellent performance. Solid center rib helps great fuel economy and excellent handling capability.
(3) KENDA engineers are able to develop the strength structure design to maintain drivers’ safety.
3.1 Double steel-belted construction is utilized for long-lasting wear and uniformity.
3.2 Addition layer improves pressure stability.
3.3 Add strength cap tread and bead toe.
(4) Random variable pitch tread arrangement provides great wear, low noise and smooth ride.
(5) With KENDA worldwide distributor strategy, KENDA Klever H/T will be promoted to these main markets – Taiwan, China, Asia, USA and European countries.
(6) With multiple marketing channels, KENDA Klever H/T available in various sizes ranging from 15"-19", full line will be completed for consumers around the world starting in 2015.



Think all tires look the same? Look closely and you’ll see that Kenda Tires perform to the highest standards across several different categories. For the past 50 years, Kenda has been building a better tire for life’s most demanding activities. Actually, they overbuild them to ensure you succeed safely in everything you do.
Kenda is paving the road to a better tire. Kenda tires are overbuilt to guarantee solid performance and consistently ensure you get the most out of your investment. They are strategically designed down to the smallest detail to meet today’s most rugged challenges, whether that’s at the top of the summit or a road trip in a snowstorm. To keep up with your changing needs, Kenda engineers are constantly working to make improvements, enhancing durability and overall performance. With a relentless commitment to be the best, all Kenda tires exceed regulations and standards to ensure you can move forward safely.


KENDA Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Chin-Pao Yang in March, 1962. “Honesty, Innovation, Quality, and Service” are the 4 core values of Kenda. The original manufacturing site occupied 54,000 sq. ft. with 50 employees only produced bike, wheelbarrow tires, and tubes.Kenda bike tires were gradually choosen by several OEM bike brands such as Columbia, Huffy, Murry, AMF, Chain Bike and Roadmaster. Kenda has also boosted it’s awareness in the bike industry since providing tires, and many other renowed bike brands. Kenda has been sponsoring professional athletes, events, teams in sports since 1994, such as John Tomac, Ben Curtis (Ben Curtis won the PGA British Open Championship in 2003. Kenda’s logo on his signature orange polo was delivered to the whole world by his impressive victory.) As an international company serving a wide range of customer segments on six continents, Kenda is truly a global brand. quality, value, performance and competition.

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