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Matrix Connexus
Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:Connexus
Johnson Health Tech. Co., Ltd.
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Connexus Free is a complete freestanding system with multiple training stations that users can access from all sides. Connexus Perimeter is a wall-mounted unit that can function independently or serve as the base of an expanded system scaled to your budget and space. Both Free and Perimeter feature accessory attachment points that move for workout versatility and release easily for quick changes between exercises.

Versatility: Connexus features numerous attachment points that accommodate a wide range of accessories and training modalities including bars, bands, med balls and more. This gives trainers ultimate flexibility to design their own protocols and the ability to build variety into the programming they offer individuals, small groups and classes.

Adjustability: Connexus features low, mid and high anchor points that accommodate body weight, resistance and flexibility training for a wide range of individuals and ability levels. Plus, easy-release attachment points simplify set-up and transitions between exercises to keep class and training sessions moving smoothly with little downtime.

Expandability: Expansion kits offer an efficient and cost-effective way to add training capacity and accommodate as many group or circuit training stations as your space allows. You build out the system that suits your needs; Connexus is not one-size-fits-all.

Repeatability: We designed Connexus for small-group training as well as functional training classes in which multiple users can perform the same exercises at the same time.

Accessibility: The simple set-up and operation along with the vast array of possible exercises make it easy for beginners to try Connexus for the first time and for experienced athletes to use it for regular training. While ideal for group training, Connexus works just as well for individuals looking to augment their own strength or flexibility training between classes.


About Johnson Health Tech. Co., Ltd.

Since our beginning in 1975, Johnson Health Tech (JHT) has specialized in the design, production and marketing of award-winning fitness equipment. In our 43 years of business, JHT has grown tremendously in the ever-evolving fitness market. Based in Taiwan, we are Asia's largest, the world's third largest and one of the industry's fastest growing fitness equipment manufacturers.
Our brands have been sold across 60 countries and are marketed to the commercial, specialty and home-use markets. Our commitment to product innovation, superior value, and unmatched customer service has made JHT a leading provider of high-quality fitness equipment around the world.


Johnson is among the top 3 largest fitness equipment manufactures in the world, and number one in Asia. Today our key brands include Matrix for commercial clients, and Vision and Horizon for retail clients. Matrix: Matrix Fitness has established itself as one the world’s premier commercial fitness brands. Through a broad network of strong strategic alliances and a variety of useful services, Matrix is truly a partner fitness facilities can trust as a total solutions provider. Vision: Our brand represents the dependable, high-quality, value products that help people ultimately achieve their vision. We’re the experienced brand with which you want to do business, offering you customizable products and award-winning service. Horizon: Horizon Fitness is the helpful, straightforward brand that enables people to reach their fitness goals by providing guidance and a complete line of high-value, long-lasting equipment that delivers a better workout experience.

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