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Electronic Multi-Jet Water Meter
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:TH15 / TH20/ TH25/ TH40/ TH50
award 3

The mechanical parts of traditional water meters will lead to inaccurate measurement. EMS develops “non-magnetic drive” technology to improve mechanical water meter defects and bring metering performance to a new performance standard. This cutting-edge technology has received Golden Medal in the INPEX in 2013.
The new electronic water meter possesses with user-friendly LCD indicator, which enable user to view data easily. In addition, this product is not only equipped with tamper-proof design, but also equipped with brilliant management functions, such as leakage detection profile, forward/reverse flow indicator, minimum nighttime flow logs. All smart functions provide the user a convenient approach to better understand water consumption. When abnormal water consumption has been detected, like abundant water consumption and pipe burst, user can receive alarms immediately. Electronic multi-jet water meter has bring a new era to water resource management in the age of water scarcity, so electronic water meter is no longer only a metering device, but it has evolved into the compact water management center.
In the age of wireless technology, the electronic multi-jet water meter can connect with GSM/GPRS transmission datalogger to build AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) system. With the development of IOT(Internet of Things), consumer can access water consumption data online. We have combine AMR system with IOT concept in mobile generation, and user can view analytic data by means of the smart phone (Android/iOS) system. When unusual water consumption or leakage occurs, user can receive alerts via mobile device efficiently.
Electronic multi-jet water meter can be installed in smart building, District Metered Areas. The benefits of this product will help both consumer and water supplier to effectively manage water and preserve the limited clean water. Metering water with a simple method is our motto, and we will follow this sprit to save water for younger generation.



Founded in 1991, EMS is the pioneer of the digital water meter manufacturer in Taiwan. To provide total metering solution and IOT technology, EMS is capable to provide digital water meter, wireless meter reading datalogger for commercial, industrial and utility applications. EMS intends to plan and construct nation-wide Smart Metering Network and real-time monitoring systems in order to elevate the efficiency and the effectiveness of Taiwan’s water resource management. With the ideas of chasing excellence and forward-leadership, EMS is ready to bring Taiwan’s water resource managements into next level. We consider Quality policy is the commitment to our partners, so we have acquired ISO certificates and the testing & calibration laboratory are certified by TAF recognition.


Energy Management System Co., Ltd.(EMS) is founded in 1991, over 20 years of professional experiences in developing/manufacturing smart water meter, also providing comprehensive water metering & wireless data transmission solution. EMS company has the department of Marketing, R.D., Quality Assurance (ISO 9001 certified), national-wide After-Sales Services and Maintenance team, Manufacturing capability and TAF calibration & testing Laboratory(ISO 17025 certified). EMS has become the pioneer of the smart water meter manufacturer in Taiwan. Capable of providing the quality smart flow meters and wireless dataloggers to science parks, industry areas, water-related corporations and utilities, EMS intends to bring Smart Metering Technology and real-time monitoring systems to elevate the efficiency and the effectiveness of Taiwan’s water resource management. With the ideas to chase excellence and forward-leadership, EMS is ready to bring MIT Metering technology to the world and bring Taiwan water management system to the next level.