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Class B AI Tabletop Autoclave
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:SA-300MB
Sturdy Industrial Co., Ltd.
award 3

SA-300MB Desktop AI autoclave use well-known German motor system, and Artificial Intelligence design. It can effective control of sterilization programs record. It can be used in different environments.
From early 2015 sales to date, sales of nearly NT $ 2 million. We estimate the product's revenue would be up to NT $ 93 million, and became the first giant market share in 2018.


About Sturdy Industrial Co., Ltd.

From the establishment in 1992, Sturdy has been dedicated to bring our clients the most advanced products. There are four kinds of products in Sturdy ─ Autoclave, Operating Table & Light, EMS, General medical device & ENT. With the mission to be your reliable sterilization partner, Sturdy isn’t only committed to the development of progressive technology, but also possesses all the requisite certifications.


ISO 13485, CE certificates and Taiwan GMP are for quality management control approval and guarantee the safety of our products. With the vast experience and dedication to R&D, Sturdy is your best choice of high quality and innovative equipments.