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Ticon Aspherical Daily Disposable Soft Contact Lens-Progressive Multifocal
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:日拋
award 3

With the contact lens wearing ethnic group grow, not only the far vision correction product for mainly the youth but also a product for the near vision correction for people in elder 40~60 year-old age.

Presbyopia is in association with aging. When ciliary muscles shrink, the front-curvature of the crystal cannot accommodate well and cause the loss of the ability to focus on near objects. Presbyopia contact lens may help on the accommodation and let you see near objects clearly.

Some spherical multifocal contact lenses in the market may have the problem about the conflict from near and far vision accommodations at the same time. The single spec aspheric design of the new Ticon Aspheric Daily Disposable Soft Contact Lens-Progressive Multifocal may change the focus to reduce the power and lower the conflict from near and far vision accommodation problem.

To give the superb comfort to the wearers, the new Ticon Aspheric Daily Disposable Soft Contact Lens-Progressive Multifocal adopts the most consumer acceptable and popular hydrogel material, mathafilcon A, a kind of ionic, high water content material which may have fewer depositions and reduce the dryness feeling.



St.Shine Optical Co., Ltd. is an experienced contact lens manufacturer offering a wide variety of products for domestic and international markets with innovative technology and design. From conventional lathe-cut to cast-molding, from RGP to soft contact lens, from daily to frequent replacement disposable products.
The company was founded in 1986, who have years of experience and knowledge in the contact lens industry, which includes contact lens fitting, optical designing, manufacturing, and marketing.
Over the following decade, St.Shine became the largest supplier of contact lenses in Taiwan based on high performance products for myopic and hyperopic patients together with patented lenses for the effective correction of astigmatism.


"帝康" brand is named from health and English meanings. "帝" is Saint, it means that our achieviement is the top level. "康" is con, it jast two meanings. One is health and another is homonymic of "con"tact lens.