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Lightweight Triathlon Bike Chain
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:EVO-Light 101
award 3

Small Step for TAYA, giant leap for bike chain

The essence after time refines, it’s second time bicycle chain structure breakthrough during one and half century. For celebrating 45th anniversary, TAYA plans to present the heritage collection of EVO-Light derailleur series to publics.

Breakthrough structure of EVO-Light chains not only contributes to the incredible weight saving, but several high-profile benefits to triathlon bikes:

Sustainable Light
EL chain with advanced rollerless structure creates 15% unprecedented weight reducing comparing with current roller chains, which can save 56,989 tons of carbon emissions each year. Open up TAYA green vision for next decades.

Force-saving Transmission
Unlike distract power transmission between the parts of roller chain, rollerless chain with direct and solid contact between gear teeth and EL chain, which results in zero peddling power loose.

Max Grease Storage
Unique U shaped plate creates the crucial area which max grease inside with well storage, continuous lubrication support the best chain running performance. .

Quiet performance
EL chain solves the annoying noise issue which caused from the vibration between the moving roller & plate. It is making a great effort to offer the quietest and comfort cycling quality.

10% durable than ISO regulation
T pin is designed to overlap the side plate hole so that the riveting strength can increase over 250kgf, and Diamond Hard Treatment provides the 10% extra reliable on chains.

Total solution provider, TAYA Chain.
Welcome to the future!



TAYA Chain is a dedicated chain brand with a variety of bike chains and motorcycle chains. With leading tech and green awareness, chains are available worldwide. From the production line to quality assurance, we have invested 16 million US dollars in research and development in the last decade.
With more than 100 patented product designs worldwide and GST anti-rust treatment, we’re confident in bringing the manufacturing process to the auto industry level for high-end bike parts and components.


1 Min Overview about TAYA Chain: A. 2nd Taiwan Excellence High Quality Product Award. Since 1969, TAYA is the most long-standing bicycle chain brand in Taiwan. B. The world’s first anti-rust chain made with zero toxic metal debuted in 2006, winning iF design Eurobike Award and raising green awareness to public. C. GM Motor R QA certificated high-end surface treatment division, these unique tech are not only on bike chains but on crucial bike parts. D.「Adventure X Enjoy Life」is our brand spirit, encouraging people to embrace the beauty of cycling.