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Adjustable Air Seat Cushion
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:KN-1277 /KN-1277S
award 3

This creative popular new product is popular in Japanese office worker market...
The company’ operation positions as “innovative, pragmatic, pluralistic and professional” to master the trend, creating demand, differentiating values and estimating production and activating ideas as the Company’s indicators of product development to innovate products that are able to meet the demands of global consumers’ demand on “health and beauty”. Negative pressure adjustment technology structure with patented core technology is utilized to design dual airbags for the unique product, Ucushion. With patent protection layout, the product integrates engineering design concepts of “excellent, soft, efficient and saving” and user-friendly mode of operation to show our fundamental concern for consumers and allow them to use the comfortable and humane made-in-Taiwan pressure-relieving health care commodity.
Ucushion is the only commercially available adjustable pneumatic actuation cushion that can be adjusted with the soft, hard, high and low level. It can not only easily adjust the height and softness according to personal needs by the airbags behind your hip and on your right and left without electricity, but also effectively disperse the pressure on the ischial and uniformly fit your back and hip to allow you to straight your back and shape your hip for reducing fatigue and backache caused by poor posture and maintain a healthy spine and hip.
‧Shaping, pressure-releasing, health-caring, lightweight and attractive
‧Relieve waist and back fatigue
‧ergonomic design, user-friendly control methods
‧High supporting force design, comfortable with soft and suitable texture
‧No electricity needed with environmental performance



Kuonao Co.,Ltd. was established in 1973 and specializes in new product developing, producing and selling. There are over 70 cases of products with patent are commercialize successfully.
We offer the professional tutorials and full services to the enterprises. We are also the first ODM & OBM "Development & Incubate" organization in Taiwan. Base on the needs of each enterprise, we offer different innovation, development and marketing strategies.
Recently, Kuonao is focus on new health care products invention and development. We are expecting to expand the health care product market share in Asia, Europe and United States in near future.


Since 2000, Kuonao has had “health and beauty” as the spindle of industry development and had “product Innovation” and “brand diversification” on the demands of new product development. Kuonao has series in every product category as commodity set to adapt to different consumer groups.The main brand“KUONAO”has the brand concept as “global initiation and exclusive ingenuity” with sub-brand product line,“uCushion,uPillow” to have mastering the trend,creating demand, differentiating values and estimating production and activating ideas as the five indicators and positioning for branding. Kuonao consistently has “market trends and demand” as the guide and make good use of the patent protection strategy.Recently,“green and energy-saving” are integrated into the concept of development as the design direction and focus on engineering design concepts of “excellent,soft,efficient and saving”.All products have meeting consumer habits and it is also the basic care for users.