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All In One Child High-Chairs
Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:TCV-C500
award 3

This product is based on combination concept of furniture which is composed of different parts, including cylindrical high foot at the bottom and egg chair on the top. Its functions include the follows:
【Child table chair】 ----Child can eat food, play, draw and read. With adjustable type safety belt, it can safely and firmly secure children.
【Egg chair】 ---- Removing front plate,it can become a comfortable baby chair. Its ergonomic design provides the ultimate comfort and safety. PU material cushion design prevents children's tender skin from hurting and let children sit up more comfortable and safe.
【High table chair】--- It can be used as a tall foot chair, letting the child enjoy meals and learn table manners.
【Bar chair】---- When the child grow up, could dismantle the top of the children's dining chair and add circular tray. It can be turned into an adult highchair use or Bar chair.
On the shape with the simple and direct arc lines, match an in riotous profusion color, be advantageous to stir up young child's intelligence of develop and feel joyful. The easy shape could not lose its style and function, and its additional value and function differ from the same type product on the market. We hope the multi-function integration to prolong the selling period, also make the reasonable profits, therefore expecting this design can be innovated classic.
Adopt the module to turn the construction method, don't need any screw lock to match. The simple structure design, that users can easily and quickly assemble the product. The users can avoid missing spare parts or make the assembling the problems…etc.
This product can accompany the child to grow up, to promote the feelings and help self- management, so as to make full use of the product value.



TCV Industrial was founded in 1977 as a manufacturer of automobile and motorcycle parts. In 1982, with the aim to fulfill the dreams of creating a more enjoyable vehicle for children, TCV introduced the first battery-operated vehicles. Since then, children from the entire world have enjoyed TCV’s products. To create even more dreams for our children as well as enhance the product lines, during the years 1999 and 2002, TCV introduced the new products lines, Baby Walker, Baby Appliances and Tricycles. TCV is currently one of the leading manufacturers for children and baby products in the world. With 38 years of experience and commitment in quality and design, we are constantly improving our products to the consumers. TCV has been and will continue to be committed to making quality products for people around the world.


Founded in 1977, TCV has almost 40 years of experience and reputations in manufacturing and sales of automobile and motorcycle parts. It has been famous for its professional and specialized plastic injection skills in production. Since 1982, investing on research and development for high-performance real-car-like toy vehicles, TCV president led the company to start focusing on “creation for more fun on toy cars” and successfully made its first battery-driven toy car. Afterwards, the business development was expending gradually to cover series products of electronic ride-on, baby walker, tricycle, baby appliance , by which the brand “TCV” has successfully penetrated over 68 countries; the brand “JODANI” is also remarkable in Taiwan which is deeply recognized in users’ mind. It is TCV’s responsibility to equip itself with professional manufacturing experience and producing skills, so develop new quality products to help provide growing-up environment and create happy childhood.