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Heart Rate and Activity Monitor
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:愛相隨 amor H1
Leadtek Research Inc.
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amor H1 heart rate and activity monitor, featuring a compact and lightweight (only 39 grams), can provide the autonomic nervous system (ANS) analysis to create the differentiation among competitors’ wearable product. With Taiwan well-known physicians and the medical research and development team involved, amor H1 targets sports enthusiasts and health care workers those in middle-age. Dysautonomia symptoms include: insomnia, neck and back pain, irritable bowel syndrome, decreased immunity, is a warning of many diseases. Exercise can relieve the disorder symptoms by using amor H1 to record the activities. amor H1 also reminds the user to effectively exercise in a safe range, warning the user if the heartbeat is over the limit. In order to reach the strength of an effective fat burning exercise, daily activities can be recorded such as the amount of exercise intensity, calories burned, steps, distance, time, heart rate. amor H1 performs the medical algorithm; the analysis of data is close to the actual values. Users can view their ANS data through APP and get recommendations. All data via cell phone network uploads to amorrunner cloud database.

In addition to press conference, more than two running and hiking events will be included in promotion program. Organize large-scale events in Taipei city and host company’s roadshows to advocate healthy concepts. While establishing discussion groups of health issues on Facebook, “Dysautonomia” and “amor Health Ambassador”, we focus on arousing people’s attention to increase the sales volume. Suggested retail price is affordable as NT$3499.

Key Features:
• Accuracy Heart Rate
• Alert of Max. Heart Rate, Heart Rate Zone
• Activity Detection
• Comfortable and Professional Wearing
• Effective Training
• OLED Display, instant tracking
• Big Data Applications and Report
• Continuous Use Up to 24 Hours
• Support BT 4.0 BLE
• Support Android & iOS


About Leadtek Research Inc.

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