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Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:PJ8801/03/05/06/10 PJ6601/03/05/06/10
award 3

1.Exclusive to introduce the latest technology to develop polished tiles dispersion technology,
Stacked vertical dispersion technology,
The use of the natural flow of powder and stacking principle,
Sandstone texture veins showing real results,
In polished tiles inside and outside perfectly natural sandstone texture like texture.
2.Multi-level vertical dispersion technology combined with the texture change variability,
Quicksand lines full of changes,
The overall effect is sufficient with natural stone paving same
3.Using powerful large molding machine of repression, this series of products can provide large sizes.
4 Height all-ceramic body, bending failure load of 2200N over (bending strength of 42N / mm2 or more), high hardness Ta Mok's six degrees, ultra-low water absorption of 0.1% or less, dense texture pure, non-absorbent does not change color, timeless.
5.Surface antifouling treated tile stain effect of good, easy daily cleaning and maintenance
6. Good flatness, ultra-low water absorption, rich natural texture changes, comparable to natural stone, is the best choice to replace natural stone for interior and exterior of buildings.
7. provide a variety of sizes, suitable for residential and outside the ground, both inside and outside wall decoration and floor commercial space, wall decoration, wall decoration large public places.



Champion Group believes in “the truth, goodwill and perfection”, insisting on supplying the best quality tiles. Champion has obtained many number 1 honors in its 35-year history, but no one in the group feels content. Our teams are always shooting for innovation and internationalization. The 6A plan ensures the spirit of “good is not enough, make it better and be the best”.


Champion Building Materials uphold the "humanity" starting with "customer" for core services for our customers ideas, science and technology into practical, friendly marketing the full range of building materials, with "robust", "beyond", "delicate", "sharing" four brand philosophy to the practice of building materials to create the best customer experience with the brand vision. There Champion tiles and Marcobelli tiles in life, customers can experience anywhere humane warranty service, the pursuit of their ideal living space while relaxing feeling

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