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Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:HM6050L
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HM6050L contains core technologies to emphasize on the multiple AI applications, safe & easy operation and great benefit of energy saving. Essential components such as hardware and software of CNC controller with high intelligent functions and efficient linear motor, which are nearly 95% developed and produced by Ching-Hung. In the product design of aesthetics and styling, upgraded HM6050L’s dark blue highlights the machine characters of rigidity and trustworthy.
Using in house developed and made linear motor drive system was first time in Taiwan to increase the machining precision and prevent the wear and the cost of ball screws extending the machine lifespan. CHMER saves the cost and makes the best value for customers.
The optimized gantry structure design features high rigidity and low thermal deformation to ensure great stability of the built-in type spindle running at very high rpm.
With 30,000rpm high speed spindle, the speed of cutting hardened steel is 5-10 times faster than EDM and the surface roughness can be 0.5μm/Ra.
The Spindle length offset function compensates the thermal deformation which is associated with temperature rise so that the cutting accuracy can be ensured.
Invertor oil cooler offers heat removal for the spindle and cuts power consumption down by 15%.
Fully-enclosed machine frame design equipped with constant temperature control unit holds the temperature variation inside the enclosed chamber within ±0.5℃.
Optional A/B rotary table aims at enhancing the efficiency and quality of aerospace application like titanium or aluminum machining.
By the intelligent self-diagnostic controller with remote monitoring technology, the computer analyses the status of each machine in real-time and passes the information to your computer or smart phone by the network. It provides the technical assistance and maintenance treatment to improve work efficiency and convenience.



Founded in 1975,CHMER EDM has been based on the concepts of 〝lntegrity;Growth;Customer satisfaction;Employee security〞we have dedicated ourselves to advancing the technology and the quality of the EDM industry in Taiwan and worldwide EDM market.


Ching-Hung is dedicating to upgrade the technology of Taiwan EDM to ensure the competitive advantage of world-class quality made in Taiwan. The market share of the own brand “CHEMR” now is firm as “First in Taiwan, Second in China and Fifth in the world”. The innovation and business management of CHMER are endorsed by the country. Ching-Hung is the first EDM manufacturer to have ISO 9000 and CE certification and won many major awards including TAIWAN SMEs Innovation Award, National Award of Outstanding SMEs. Moreover, CHMER was honored to have INDUSTRIAL SUSTAINABLE EXCELLENCE AWARD in 2012 and the second MITTELSTAND AWARD in 2014 for representing the invisible champion. Winning awards is the beginning of responsibility. Ching-Hung bases on the enterprise mission of “taking from the community and giving back to the community”, and will continue to work harder for the integrity, innovation to build a big Ching-Hung family by customer satisfaction and employee security.

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