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Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:PATREG-1000
Aurotek Corporation
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With the demand of PSS is increasing annually, quality of PSS required from epi fab is getting higher. Therefore, a growing demand of Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) is expected, for both PSS supplier and user.

Due to lack of special designed AOI system, defects of PSS can only be inspected by manual operation. Since the structure of PSS is very tiny, the inspection standards of general defects, such as pattern abnormality or particle contamination, are beyond the limit of human vision.

With the vision of PSS inspection issue, Aurotek devotes into finding the solution since 2011. In 2014, the 2nd generation of AOI, PATREG-1000, the High Speed Auto Optical Inspection System, is officially launched by Aurotek.

PATREG-1000 is using linear scan CCD to detect defects on the surface of PSS, such as abnormalities, contamination, and pattern losses. Light signals are captured and transformed into image which shows the surface condition of PSS. By using the unique image process technology, defects are counted by programmed software and then classified into different categories and grades. Process engineer is able to use the database to monitor condition of both process and equipment.

PATREG-1000 is ideally designed for every checkpoint in the process of PSS, including plain wafers, ADI, and AEI. In order to provide a standardized AOI solution to LED front-end industry, the image process tech of PATREG-1000 is modified to fit in epi defect inspection as well. By using PATREG-1000, PSS maker now can use the same AOI system with PSS user, most important, to reduce possibility of customer complaints.

Featured with high throughput (250 pcs 2-inch PSS per hour) and high resolution (1.5μm x 1.5μm), PATREG-1000 provides an outstanding AOI solution to improve production quality control and reduce manufacturing cost. In comparison, PATREG-1000 offers an excellent AOI solution of more accurate, comprehensive, cost efficient quality control to the LED industry in Taiwan.


About Aurotek Corporation

Established in 1980, Aurotek has been upholding the belief of honesty and making the best better in our managerial philosophy. From distributing mechanical transmission, driving components to self-developed automation devices, we have now established our own brand; Aurotek continues solving customers’ needs. With Aurotek’s automation and robotics technology, we have always enriched and satisfied various customers’ need.


In the 1980s, Aurotek start up from distributing high quality product such as mechanical transmission, driving components from Japan.
With Aurotek’s power of product development, we successfully turn in to equipment manufacturing field from distributing components and modules design.
We uphold a belief of honesty, making the best better in our managerial philosophy. From different aspects, we provide a complete automation solution. And the nanoimprint technology, a newly successful development, is our first step of turnkey project and will utilize these experiences to other industries.
For decades, Aurotek uphold the mission of providing a complete automation solution to optimize the value of end users and working to be the leading system equipment provider. We will be able to fulfill our brand vision of by using the critical thinking & visionary strategy to accomplish better innovation and life.

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