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Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:日拋非球面
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More and more people use the digit equipment such like the computers or mobile phones and have spent more time on watching the screen than before. In order to reduce the dryness of the eye and fatigue of the eye caused by using the eyes for the extended amounts of time on working, reading or other activities, we are delighted to develop the new “Ticon Daily Disposable Aspheric Soft Contact Lens” which combine the idea of hyaluronic acid formulations and professional aspheric design.

1.Luxurious hyaluronic acid formulation – premium moisturizing: The Product is immersed in saline solution with hyaluronic acid. With the excellent moisturizing, your eyes will feel comfortable even after wearing the Product for hours of the day.
2.Professional aspheric design – ultra clear: Optical aberrations in the human eye manifest themselves as spherical or astigmatic errors. The Product incorporates ideal aspheric curvature for each power and compensates for aberrations caused by lens flexure on the eye. Depending on the patient’s prescription, this could result in improved visual acuity at all distances.
3.The aspheric base curve - super comfortable: While reducing aberrations with the aspheric design Ticon daily disposable aspheric soft contact lens, the lens is not entirely blocked the cornea and let the tear layer uniform distribution on the eye after blinking; this makes the eye get more oxygen and gives you more comfort.
4.Ideal aspheric structure – easy fitting: Not only the improved visual acuity at all distances and the ultra-thin design of the Product gives you the comfort of the day, but also the unique aspheric lens construction makes the lens stand still which is easy for wearing and taking off the lens.
5. UV blocking – ultra protection: UV radiation is one of the causes of cataracts. The Product with UV blocker can block harmful ultraviolet rays such as more than 95% of UVB and more than 80% UVA to give an extra protection.



St.Shine Optical Co., Ltd. is an experienced contact lens manufacturer offering a wide variety of products for domestic and international markets with innovative technology and design. From conventional lathe-cut to cast-molding, from RGP to soft contact lens, from daily to frequent replacement disposable products.
The company was founded in 1986, who have years of experience and knowledge in the contact lens industry, which includes contact lens fitting, optical designing, manufacturing, and marketing.
Over the following decade, St.Shine became the largest supplier of contact lenses in Taiwan based on high performance products for myopic and hyperopic patients together with patented lenses for the effective correction of astigmatism.


"帝康" brand is named from health and English meanings. "帝" is Saint, it means that our achieviement is the top level. "康" is con, it jast two meanings. One is health and another is homonymic of "con"tact lens.