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Stand Alone PCB Separator
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:r-S330 PRO
Aurotek Corporation
award 3

Our newly-developed γ-S330 PRO off-line separator.Not only does it retain the dual working tables,but also as our lately breakthrough,it equips with a more precise,maneuverable characteristics on the up-grade UI and an innovative design to merge the functionality and the beauty of appearance.It promotes more than 10% of working efficiency and capacity.Except of enhancing the working area to fulfill large size of customers’ demand from Europe and America,Aurotek has showed a complete difference both on the appearance or functionality,compared with PCB separator market nowadays.Further,according to this CE qualified PCB separator,we enable ourselves to expand our business to the Europe and bring us better interest.
γ-S330 PRO simplifies the operational interface and adds on a touch panel function.With the software upgrade to Win7 and freely language-switch function,we make it a friendly learning environment and also facilitate the operating experience for global clients.This fresh design also strengthens the operational safety to meet the CE standard.
This product designed both mechanism and software from the operators’ view to create a better intuitive, safe and maneuverable working experience. For these reasons, we added on a so-called enclosed cover on our mechanism design. It contributes to reducing the dust when in the separating process, greatly decline the influence on the people’s health. On the safety contribution, to greatly decline the possibility of danger, the enclosed cover will shutdown immediately if opened and unable to start if the cover doesn’t closed.
Further with the classic red and white coloration, it represents Aurotek and brings the association directly to the Made in Aurotek product. From our truly understanding of customer’s demand, we fulfill their needs all in these special structure and customized function. Since we design, manufacture, assembly the hardware and design, test software all in Taiwan, this is a truly MIT equipment.


About Aurotek Corporation

Established in 1980, Aurotek has been upholding the belief of honesty and making the best better in our managerial philosophy. From distributing mechanical transmission, driving components to self-developed automation devices, we have now established our own brand; Aurotek continues solving customers’ needs. With Aurotek’s automation and robotics technology, we have always enriched and satisfied various customers’ need.


In the 1980s, Aurotek start up from distributing high quality product such as mechanical transmission, driving components from Japan.
With Aurotek’s power of product development, we successfully turn in to equipment manufacturing field from distributing components and modules design.
We uphold a belief of honesty, making the best better in our managerial philosophy. From different aspects, we provide a complete automation solution. And the nanoimprint technology, a newly successful development, is our first step of turnkey project and will utilize these experiences to other industries.
For decades, Aurotek uphold the mission of providing a complete automation solution to optimize the value of end users and working to be the leading system equipment provider. We will be able to fulfill our brand vision of by using the critical thinking & visionary strategy to accomplish better innovation and life.

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