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2U-12 Bay IP SAN Storage
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:DSN-6000
D-Link Corporation
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DSN-6000 series xStack storage systems are designed for small and medium businesses seeking a cost effective solution. They present a high-availability iSCSI SAN platform that supports services for applications demanding high throughput, scalability, and flexible storage planning.

High Availability: DSN-6000 series are specially designed for high availability applications. They are equipped with fully redundant components for all major functions, such as RAID controllers, power supplies, fan modules, battery backup modules, and SAS JBOD expansion ports. Hot-pluggable, they are capable of providing uninterrupted services. The firmware includes support for RAID 6, 60, read-only or writable snapshot, Windows VSS, and volume configuration restoration.

Outstanding Performance
DSN-6000 series have a maximum of 200,000 Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) - higher than other storage systems in their class. Total throughput is a maximum of 900 MB/sec.

Optimum Versatility: The optimized IOPS and throughput are capable of providing runtime-critical online services, such as cloud storage, SQL, Exchange, and high-end surveillance storage. Furthermore, with the iSCSI interface, DSN-6000 series are ideal for virtualization environments such as VMWare, Hyper-V, and Citrix. Users can install up to 32 OSes in the iSCSI system through the Boot-from-SAN feature.

Green Energy Savings: DSN-6000 series are equipped with D-Link Green features for saving power. A hard drive can be a very power-hungry component in a SAN. When properly configured, the power consumption of hard drives can be reduced to a minimum using the auto disk spin down feature. DSN-6000 series monitor environmental temperatures to optimize the cooling mechanism. The fan modules respond only when needed. The power supply modules are all 80 PLUS power efficient, providing a more favorable power conversion rate.


About D-Link Corporation

Founded in 1986, D-Link is a global leader in advanced networking, broadband, digital, voice and data communication solutions. We continually meet the needs of the digital home, small office, small-to-medium sized businesses, and enterprise environments.


In 1986, D Link founder Ken Kao and six colleagues set out on an entrepreneurial venture that would forever change the computer networking industry. D Link was founded under the name Datex Systems. The name D Link takes the leading D from Datex, combining it with the concept of a “link” connecting people. In fact, D Link’s Chinese name roughly translates as “friends networking together.” This concept continues to shape D Link’s brand today. Though founded as a small venture, D Link has since swelled into an international networking giant with over 2,800 employees worldwide. D Link has emerged as a trusted brand with a worldwide reputation for robust and affordable networking solutions, and has renewed its commitment to developing “green” technologies and IPv6 ready hardware which will prepare its customers for an alluring new era of ultimate connectivity.

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