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Miniature Bluetooth GPS Receiver
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:Mini BT GPS9553
Leadtek Research Inc.
award 3

1. Ultra small, sleek, and lightweight design easily fits in your hand 2. 12 Channels “All-In-View” Tracking 3. Position accuracy of 10 meters 2D RMS 4. Cold/Warm/Hot Start Time: 45/38/8 Seconds (Signal Strength > 30 dB-HZ) 5. Reacquisition Time: 0.1 seconds 6. Support Standard NMEA-0183 at 38400 bps baud rate (Defined by customer 4800 up to 512000) 7. Support Power Saving Mode 8. Compatible with Bluetooth devices with Serial Port Profile (SPP) 9. Superior Sensitivity for Urban Canyon and Foliage Environment 10. Cold/Warm/Hot Start Time: 42/38/1 11. Two LEDs show Bluetooth and GPS. 12. Li-polymer battery lasts for about 3 hours of use in connection / 10 hours in Scan Mode


About Leadtek Research Inc.

Established since 1986, Leadtek Research Inc. has provided customers with the best quality services. Today, Leadtek has developed into a multifaceted solution provider with main product ranges covering the healthcare solution, GPS products, AI cloud computing workstation, AI server, zero client and thin client for desktop virtualization, gaming graphics cards, professional graphics cards and others, aiming to serve the global market with multidimensional, innovative technologies and excellent products.
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