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DBMaker CloudDB
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:2015
SYSCOM Computer Engineering Co.
award 3

DBMaker development began over 20 years ago. Version 2 was released, followed then by versions 3 and 4. Now, today we are proud to be shipping DBMaker 5 and even more excited to introduce the newest member of the DBMaker family — DBMaker CloudDB. Our customers, worldwide in Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, Brazil, Italy and many more are already using CloudDB.

DBMaker CloudDB is architected by our R&D team using the same world-standard CMMI ML5 quality methodology as previous DBMaker released. In the tradition of DBMaker ease-of-use, CloudDB customers need databases but don’t need to understand the backend database. Now cloud database service defines a new platform — Database as a Service — DBMaker's functionality has moved to the cloud, through our patented CloudODBC

SYSCOM's innovative CloudDB architecture delivers high-speed and efficiency with multi-threading, symmetric multiprocessing, advanced compression, and efficient caching. What’s more, row locking rather than page locking and best-fit dynamic page size deliver maximum performance so more users can access more data faster. Backup, automatic simultaneous data replication, distributed database management, and security are only a few of CloudDB's powerful features. Since CloudDB's 2014 introduction, we've worked hard to bring even more power to CloudDB in 2015. To strengthen it, we now support up to 256PB. Your Big Data is right at home inside CloudDB

DBMaker CloudDB delivers —
Enterprise cost savings, simply register to use CloudDB then develop databases uses DBMaker’s powerful features

No expensive licenses or subsequent maintenance/upgrade costs

System development 24 hours without service interruption

Power hungry servers are not needed

No need to invest in costly DBA training — SYSCOM DBMaker CloudDB Team provides cloud consulting

DBMaker has always been a winner and the trend continues in 2013 and 2014 with the Taiwan Excellence Award. We've also received SEI CMMI ML5 certification


About SYSCOM Computer Engineering Co.

SYSCOM, established in 1975 and going public in 2001, continues leading Taiwan’s system integration and e-commerce industry with innovative solutions.

Headquartered in Taipei, we have regional offices around the world including Taiwan, Asia and the Americas. SYSCOM Group’s 1,000 employees include more than 400 CCIE, MCSA and MCSE certified engineers.

SYSCOM’s evolution from peripheral sales to system integration allowed us to amass a tremendous wealth of domain knowledge. Sharply focused on our areas of domain expertise, SYSCOM offers solutions in areas including: system integration, online custom information integration, e-Business, high-tech manufacturing, network planning and implementation, outsourcing, hardware sales and maintenance, software development and maintenance, and training.
Equipped with the best technology and ever growing domain experience, SYSCOM implemented highly successful core systems in Asia for the Taiwan, Shenzhen and Shanghai Stock Exchanges.


DBMaker development began over 20 years ago. Today we are proud to ship DBMaker 5.4 supporting a Dynamic Column function easing data source attributes challenges, the number of data fields variability and differences for Big Data DBMS, architected by our R&D team using the CMMI ML3 quality methodology. Our customers, include Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, the USA, Brazil, and Italy. DBMaker is the first database developed in Taiwan. We are delighted that DBMaker won the Executive Yuan, Ministry of Economic Affairs "Cloud DB System Technology with Hybrid Cloud Delivery" science and technology project grants in August 2012 and the A+ Business Innovation Research Program “Highly Distributed Big-Data Management System with Intelligent Scalable SQL Index Servers” science and technology project grants in January 2016. These and many other awards are evidence of our continued commitment to DBMaker innovation. DBMaker is winner of the Taiwan Excellence Award for 2013, '14, '15 and '17.