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AnsCare Scar Reduction Silicone Gel C+
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:SC-201-1/SC-201-2
BenQ Materials Corp.
award 3

Anscare Scar Reduction Silicone Gel C+ is self-drying, transparent silicone gel which can be simply spread on any scarred parts, no matter how size and shape are. Silicone gel can facilitate to increase water retention of skin and regulate collagen stacking. It also provides a stable surface electrostatic field which allows collagens to be rearranged. The formation of bFGF induced by silicone gel can prevent abnormal distribution of fibroblasts and make collagen fibers aligned. Effectively improves the appearance of scars and prevents abnormal scar formation.


● Physical treatment → Safety

● Self-drying → Without foreign body sensation

● Convenient to use → Broad application

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About BenQ Materials Corp.

Established in 1998, BenQ Materials started as an optical storage manufacturer and has gradually changed its core business to material science field in recent years. Product lines include Optical Film, Advanced Battery Materials, Healthcare products while product brands include AnsCare® biomedical solutions, dermaAngel® skin care solutions and miacare® vision care solutions.
BenQ Materials is headquartered in Taiwan with research sites, manufacturing facilities and business offices over Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and Singapore.


Backed by the resources and know-how of BenQ Materials, a leading optical material manufacturer in Taiwan, Miacare brings to you silicone hydrogel contact lenses that are manufactured using a revolutionary technology called the EautraSil Hydrophilic Silicone Technology – beginning a new era of comfortable and healthy contact lens wear for your eyes.

Anscare is the brand of medial materials and supplies founded by BenQ Materials Corporation in 2009. Anscare is a combination of ‘answer’ and ‘care’.

Under a continuous development, it has expanded the product lines of Clinical Solution, Hemorrhage Management, Wound Care and Negative Pressure Wound Therapy series to meet the needs for professional clinical and family usage. Anscare is committed to offer safe, healthy and comfortable healthcare solutions to healthcare professionals and patients.