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Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:NOX DDR4 SO-DIMM
Apacer Technology Inc.
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NOX DDR4 64GB 3000MHz SO-DIMM is perfect for gaming laptop, high-end business laptop, and high-performance mini system. As the latest motherboard, Skylake from Intel is just released in Aug 2015, DDR4 is able to approach those laptops for family use. So far the standard DDR4 SO-DIMM 2133MHz has not be on the market yet; however, Apacer has completed NOX DDR4 3000MHz SO-DIMM which is superior to the standard model.

With all the handpicked DRAM IC that you would see on a top of the range SO-DIMM memory modules, NOX meets the criteria of running high-end gaming laptop. Additionally, it provides diverse performance options including DDR4 2400/2666/2800/3000MHz. Furthermore, even with the highest performance at 3000MHz, NOX guarantees extreme fast speed and at the same time incredible stability but only consuming 1.2V. It rises up the overall performance by 20%. With such an extraordinary achievement, NOX largely enhances laptop life.

The black PCB plus astounding graphic design with a color wine aureola slightly emerges from the middle in the darkness, and the metallic NOX altogether shows the most mysterious energy from the night goddess. The label on the front side is discreetly manufactured by Z511 Lab team, and it is able to stand 120°C heat. The well-developed NOX front label helps the system stay within thermal limits during the regular use, and even during those marathon gaming sessions.

Before the NOX formally published, it has been mutually researched and developed with the leading manufacturers of laptop as well as strictly tested on top gaming laptops of theirs. And here comes the optimized NOX DDR4 SO-DIMM. It is a prime example of cooperation of developing new products between manufacturers of different fields in Taiwan. What Apacer is trying hard to do is to make Taiwan as a nation even more competitive worldwide.


About Apacer Technology Inc.

Apacer Technology offers a wide range of industrial SSD, digital consumer products and memory modules. Together with its broad R&D, design, manufacturing, and marketing strengths, it has become a leading global manufacturer in the industry.


Apacer is the recognized name in innovative memory module supply that is widely used in digital media applications as well as reading and sharing of digital data. Apacer truly understands the importance of digital data storage and duplication, hence continues to develop optimized versions of digital storage solutions.
Using its witty slogan “Access the Best” to represent its effort to enhance brand value, Apacer dedicates itself in providing the best products and services. “Access” literally suggests total convenience and freedom in data reading, sharing and communication, while “Best” represents unparalleled quality. Apacer in fact promises users improved digital experiences with its line of memory modules and peripherals.

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