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Z-Wave Smart Energy power meter
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:DCH-Z710
D-Link Corporation
award 3

+ Adapt Z-wave 500 series chip to connect to D-Link Z-Wave gateway with AES 128 encryption.
+ Provide features of power measurement, so users can easily understand the status of power consumption for their home. It can also work with D-Link related connected home device for the purpose of energy saving.
+ Easy to setup, there is no need of QIG and user’s manual. All the settings are through the mobile. And it’s It’s connected to cloud system, so the data can be access anywhere, anytime.
+ Support diameter of 16 mm CT clamp and allow detecting maximum current of 65A. Users just need to hook the clamp to the power cable, and then the device will be able to detect the power consumption.
+ Support IP53 dust and water resistant rating, allow it to operate inside the box of power meter.
+ Use AA Battery X3 to extend the device work for more than 1 year. It also makes users easy to install.
+ App supports both iOS and Android OS mobile devices.


About D-Link Corporation

Founded in 1986, D-Link is a global leader in advanced networking, broadband, digital, voice and data communication solutions. We continually meet the needs of the digital home, small office, small-to-medium sized businesses, and enterprise environments.


In 1986, D Link founder Ken Kao and six colleagues set out on an entrepreneurial venture that would forever change the computer networking industry. D Link was founded under the name Datex Systems. The name D Link takes the leading D from Datex, combining it with the concept of a “link” connecting people. In fact, D Link’s Chinese name roughly translates as “friends networking together.” This concept continues to shape D Link’s brand today. Though founded as a small venture, D Link has since swelled into an international networking giant with over 2,800 employees worldwide. D Link has emerged as a trusted brand with a worldwide reputation for robust and affordable networking solutions, and has renewed its commitment to developing “green” technologies and IPv6 ready hardware which will prepare its customers for an alluring new era of ultimate connectivity.

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