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8mm Micro DC Planetary Geared Motor
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:IG08/IG08GM
award 3

Our 8mm micro planetary gearbox is equipped with unique precise gear mechanism. In our design the gear engagement is 360o evenly scattered. Consequently the momentary impact will be evenly distributed to the gear mechanism. Our 8mm micro planetary gearbox design is superior to the traditional gearbox in loading capability 0.1kgf-cm, rated torque 1.2kgf-cm and efficiency 85%. Our 8mm micro planetary gearboxes are available in 6 reduction ratios (1/4, 1/16, 1/64, 1/256, 1/1024, 1/4096). We are capable of making the customized highly efficient stable quality transmission parts and system to meet the customer demand.
Above all we have the dedicated R&D team force and precise machinery with experienced engineers technicians to make all the key parts in house. We make the precise parts in the tolerance of less than 0.01. The planetary gear rotation is using our time piece unique technology to make it as smooth as possible. We are sure we can meet the market demand for automation, energy saving, novelty, and technology.
In the industries including medical use pump and vehicle fine instrument etc. where high end products with high efficiency, stable quality meanwhile inexpensive are focused. We are here to meet the demand of this market niche. All the key parts are made in –house. Our prices are 25% comparatively lower than our competitors of the same quality. Fortunately our 8mm delicate micro geared motors have been in mass production stage to meet the rush-in orders from all around the world.



Transmission products not only can be found in big items like space shuttles, ocean liners, jumbo
jets and automobiles, but also in daily used items like power tools, mowers, cash registers, robots
and watches.

Through design and manufacture transmission products can be used in many more applications,
and bring more comfort and convenience to daily life. Transmission products’ effects are deep and
thorough, and the magic everywhere.


Ever since the day Shayang Ye was founded, we have been following the management philosophy of "Harmonic, Truthful and Innovative".Through years of concentrating on the field of micro high-precision geared motor, we have earned customers' trust and confidence. Micro high-precision geared motors are keys to many daily appliance products. Without the progress in miniaturization, weight saving, energy saving and noise-cutting of the geared motor, it would not be possible for many products to reach current level in terms of automation, power-saving, innovation and technology. Let us hope that the magic of our delicate micro high-precision geared motors will lead us to a new world.