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High Speed Hand Dryer
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:EcoSwift Mini
Hokwang Industries Co., Ltd.
award 3

EcoSwift Mini developed by Hokwang Industries is consistent with human factors and ergonomics. The mini hand dryer which blows fast wind is a major breakthrough in the industries. Breaking through stereotypical enormous size in traditional hand dryer, EcoSwift Mini maintains a size much smaller than an A4 paper. Being user-friendly, EcoSwift can be properly installed in respective public washrooms.
Complying with ADA, structural design in EcoSwift Mini is contracted to a thickness less than 4 inches (102mm), which greatly expands public washroom spaces for the disabled. Specific structural design also demonstrates user friendliness in the product.
With development in hand dryers, Hokwang Industries has replaced traditional warm air dryer with advanced jet air dryer, which blows fast wind to remove droplets on both hands. Regardless of the cancellation in warm air design, EcoSwift Mini has nonetheless improved greatly in efficiency. Comparing with traditional warm air dryer, EcoSwift Mini can save up to 90% energy each time.

EcoSwift Mini possesses numerous product design characteristics:
1.Improvement in Overall Safety: After cancellation in warm air design, disabled users are exempted from possible burns caused by traditional had dryers.
2.Amendment in Discharge Openings: Hydromechanics design in double discharge openings has successfully replaced traditional single discharge opening, further increasing applicable area and operation efficiency.
3.Various Exterior Designs: Hokwang has developed various exterior designs, providing public washrooms with even more options and comfortable spaces.
4.Intelligent Electronic Control: In order to prevent prolonged drying sessions and insufficient intervals, hand drying operation is controlled electronically.
5.LED Indicator: With EcoSwift Mini activated, LED blue light would be emitted to hand drying sensory position. The design has demonstrated user friendliness in the product.


About Hokwang Industries Co., Ltd.

The founding partners of HOKWANG were previously involved in manufacturing Infrared Sensor-Motivated products in Taiwan, giving them more than 20 years experience in this field. We have been developing continuously with modernized Automatic and comfort bathroom sanitary wares equipment. All the necessary equipment for a sanitary washroom you can purchase from us. Keep yourself GERM-FREE with HOKWANG’S TREE-FREE products.


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