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Shaping Tomorrow, Discovering Taiwan Plastic & Rubber Machinery Webinar

Event schedule:2021-05-06 ~ 2021-05-06 GMT+8: 16:00~17:00


Event overview

Date: May.6  (Thu), 2021


GMT+9 (Japan, Korea) 17:00~18:00

GMT+8 (China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan) 16:00~17:00

GMT+7 (Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam) 15:00~16:00

GMT+6 (Bangladesh) 14:00~15:00

GMT+5.5 (India) 13:30~14:30

GMT+5 (Pakistan) 13:00~14:00

GMT+3 (Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia) 11:00~12:00

GMT+2 (Egypt, Germany, Poland, South Africa) 10:00~11:00

GMT+1 (Nigeria, UK) 9:00~10:00


Please join us and learn how the latest Taiwanese Products push the boundaries of technology!

Attend the online press conference, you will learn more about smart machinery cutting-edge technology and innovation from four leading Taiwanese companies including Allen Plastic, ChumPower, Fu Chun Shin, Multiplas and Polystar. (Please check out the product information at https://reurl.cc/e9kblK)

Please register by clicking the Online Registration link or scan the QR code below.



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