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2019 Taiwan Excellence Happy Run

Waktu kegiatan:2019-07-20 ~ 2019-07-21 7:00 - 12:00

Lokasi kegiatan:Jakarta Ancol |Jakarta Ancol

Pengenalan kegiatan

● We’ve hosted Taiwan Excellence Happy Run in Indonesia for 5 years since 2014. Nowadays, Taiwan Excellence Happy Run is a locally famous activity.

● We’re expecting to have 8,000 participants in 2019, planning to set up a Taiwan Excellence Products Experience Area and interactive games to stimulate consumers to do purchases and enhance Taiwan brands awareness.

● To build up a positive image, we’re continuing to cooperate with local public interest groups to deliver our sincere care to underprivileged groups.

Through a 2-day series of activities, 8,000 participants are designed to expose themselves in all Taiwan Excellence environment. Don’t miss it!

It’s B2C orientation. We aim at consumers who value their health and life quality, also have exercise habit, like to try something new or different cultures. This event is recommended to consumer products, like sport & leisure, living & home, health care, consumer electronics, etc.