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Ergo Stand
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:KP-80
award 3

- Activates circulation system and improves cardio-pulmonary function
- Helps prevent decubitus sores
- Improves bladder function and decreases urinary tract infections
- Reduces contractures and anchylosis
- Prevents osteoporosis
- mproves quality and independence of life


Established in 1987, Karma is an energetic brand which designs, manufactures, and markets a full range of mobility products for worldwide markets over two decades.<br /> <br />Karma owns a strong in-house R&D team committed to providing the best product designs to the elderly and disabled people. We constantly strive to develop and improve our products to meet the market demands. <br /> <br />Nowadays, senior citizens and people with physical limitations from more than 40 countries can easily obtain Karma’s high quality products and service, including the UK, Europe, Oceania, North America, and Asia. In these territories, Karma has achieved a very good market position with great reputation. <br /> <br />Together with its products, Karma continues to move forward, offering innovative life enhancement products that enable people to enjoy more active lifestyles and enrich individual’s life.<br />


A rainy day encounter in 1987 changed the life of Kenny Chen, Karma’s founder. One rainy day in Taipei, Kenny noticed a woman struggling to fit her father’s wheelchair into the trunk of her car. The wheelchair was heavy- difficult even for a strong man like him to lift. Kenny couldn’t forget the despair of this woman, soaked in the rain and being splashed by noisy passing traffic, or the weight and the clumsiness of her father’s wheelchair. " Couldn’t wheelchairs be better?" We have a big dream—— Each of our products is carefully designed with our customers’ voices, needs, and desires in mind. When it comes to user experiences, we strive to be more “caring, ”empathetic,” and “approachable.” Through our dedication and our mindfulness, we look forward to bringing more confidence, joy, and love for life to those with physical disabilities around the world.