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Taiwan Excellence Captures Attention with Cutting-Edge Technology
Date published 2019-07-25

[Penang, 5 July 2019] Taiwan Excellence epitomizes the best products Taiwan has to offer and will be making a grand entrance in Penang during the Taiwan Expo 2019, held in Penang for the first time. The two-day expo on the 5th and 6th of July will showcase more than 20 products from award winning manufacturers in the field of medical technology, Industry 4.0 and smart retail amongst others. 

According to Taiwan Expo 2019 organizer TAITRA, Taiwan Excellence is the highest mark of distinction bestowed upon the best of Taiwanese innovations since 1993 and has honored many innovators over the past 27 years. The aim of the award is to encourage continual innovation in product quality, design and image; and winners of the coveted title are selected on multiple strict criteria including their R&D, design, product quality and marketing model. In recent years, Taiwan Excellence has made itself known in Malaysia through various activities such as campus e-sport competitions, exhibitions in shopping malls and most recently, an exhibition in Low Yat Plaza. These hands-on interactions are a hit with Malaysians and have helped to extend the reach to businesses and consumers.

Taiwanese technology has always been well regarded internationally and Taipei City was even ranked by Business Insider as Asia’s most high-tech city for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018. Taiwan’s solid R&D, excellent design track record and production capabilities are instrumental in its success and Taiwan Excellence recognizes the best of the best. 

As a trusted mark of excellence, it is only natural that Taiwan Excellence Pavilion serves as a platform to bring together some of the best technologies on offer. The Healthcare Technology Zone showcases interesting healthcare technologies include the Surglasses by Taiwan Orth. Biotech, personal health management solution by Oenix Biomed, EleClean Disinfectant Spray, etc. The Smart Retail Zone showcase LWO Technology’s smart self-checkout chiller, display solutions by Champ Vision Display and more. As for industrial development, Malaysia has been pushing for greater automation in its automobile parts industry and other manufacturing which greatly increases the need for Industry 4.0 solutions and Taiwan Excellence will be showcasing solutions from Taiwan leading brands such as Advantech management solution and HiWin’s robotic arm.

Sharing Industry 4.0 Solutions

In conjunction with the exiting products on display, the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion organised an Industry 4.0: Smart Factory Solution seminar to share Taiwanese experience in this area with Malaysian counterparts. Speakers include representatives from renowned Industry 4.0 manufacturers Advantech, Hiwin and Nexcom as they touched on topics of shared creation models, smart machinery and their Internet of Things. The seminar was well received by the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Penang Foundry & Engineering Industries Association (PENFEIA).


Industry 4.0 is the future of manufacturing and leapfrog production capability through integration of the Internet of Things, industrial processes, logistic and sales. Taiwan’s advanced information and communication technologies and precision machinery expertise gave it a huge advantage in this revolution and many SMEs in Taiwan have already transformed themselves into smart factories way before government policies were put in place to encourage such a move. As a result of the pioneering move, Taiwanese manufacturers are leading the pack to this revolution in the global sphere.

According to PENFEIA President Teh Bee Cheong, Penang is fondly referred as the Silicon Valley of Malaysia and is home to many advanced manufacturing and high-tech industries. The Association has been building a strong relationship with Taiwan and even led a delegation to Taiwan in March this year as well as entered into a memorandum of cooperation with the TAITRA. Teh added that the Industry 4.0 seminar is the ideal platform to deepen bilateral cooperation between Taiwan and Malaysia. He also expressed his confidence of the long-standing bilateral trade ties between Taiwan and Malaysia and looks forward to greater levels of collaboration to achieve mutual growth in various fields.

Taiwan Excellence has built up many fruitful working relationships with numerous Malaysian organisations and associations over the years, and Taiwan’s excellent innovative track record is well regarded. Technologies employed in the field include wearable personal camera by Transcend for security personnel in Putrajaya; the Atunas mosquito repellent jacket and Anytime multifunction LED light used by many neighbourhood watch communities in Kuala Lumpur; EleClean Disinfectant Spray gifted to institutes of education in the Klang Valley and many more. Taiwan Excellence will also be headlining its September event based around Malaysia’s favourite sports – badminton and running – to introduce Taiwan’s high-quality leisure and sporting wear, while the Taiwan Excellence e-sport cup finals will kick off in October. With many exciting activities lined up, Malaysian consumers will have many opportunities to experience the best that Taiwan has to offer.



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