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Industry type:Fashion
Product model number:08020003
Paper Shoot Technologies INC.
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CROZ VANGUARD CAMERA is a design series limited of cross-region brands Paper Shoot Taiwan and Hyl? design Macau, including High-texture wooden classics and Fashion clairvoyant bare-metal, providing characteristic selection for you to meet your love for changing. The assembly can be accomplished just with four simple steps. The user can conveniently fit a distinctive camera with light exterior, changeful original style and a using process full of fun. Various kinds of supplement combination can be provided according to different occasions; through functional accessories, the product can become the interpretation of personal taste.

About Paper Shoot Technologies INC.

Since 2013 PaperShoot has been on a mission to protect our world by creating environmentally sustainable products. Using heavy stone paper made from inorganic mineral powder, we save trees, prevent pollution, and provide a more durable and water resistant digital camera. The switchable and editable PaperShoot camera case provides people with a fun and unique digital photography experience that’s tailor-made for the individual, brands and special events. The camera’s two-switch, minimalistic design makes the PaperShoot camera extremely user-friendly, while including four cool photo filters and several versatile lens options making sure creativity isn’t compromised. PaperShoot has created a market within itself, and therefore does not exactly compete with other camera products on the market. However, if you look at the key features of Paper Shoot it does offer a great deal more than other conventional digital, disposable and phone cameras currently on the market.


An extra-ordinary camera for the innovative technology generation today. Founder of Paper Shoot, George Lin, creates the magnificent Paper Shoot Camera by combining some of the very simple electrical components and elements which shows an outstanding outcomes.“Everyone is a photographer”- From young children to older adults, this camera creates a wide range of end users. Achieving childhood’s dreams is not an easy thing especially in Asian culture. George breakthrough his childhood’s dreams and achieved what he always wanted by turning his dreams into actions. Paper Shoot is an impressive invention from Taiwan and it was designed to be globally accessible. Designing and personalizing users’ own camera is not a dream anymore. PaperShoot uses recyclable materials, which is the eco-friendly stone paper that made up of inorganic mineral powder without causing any pollution during the manufacturing process. Short and sweet, Paper Shoot is an affordable, user-friendly and recycle-friendly products that creates a brandnew experience and lifestyle for the generation.

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