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SIMLEAD Safety Drawer System with Push Open, Soft-Closing and VSD
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
King Slide Works Co., Ltd.
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An elegant metal drawer system with a non-electric, all-mechanical design, SIMLEAD Safety Drawer System with Push-Open, Silent soft closing and VSD comprises the metallic side walls and full extension runners and offers the world’s first Drawer Safety & Friendly Design. Drawer can be push-opened from a closed or any partially-opened position and smoothly soft-closed without bouncing back. The built-in mechanical “Vibration Safety Design (VSD)” is to prevent the potential risk of cabinets falling down due to lopsidedness caused by the sudden ejection of drawers during abnormal vibration. On the event of vibration, the drawer with VSD will only have a maximum opening of 3/4”. After vibration, users can simply push to open the drawer to reset VSD. For convenience, the push-open function can be activated or de-activated by a simple flip of a switch, thereby adapting to different user environments and preferences.

About King Slide Works Co., Ltd.

King Slide was founded in 1986 and has been involved in innovative designing and manufacturing from electronic and industrial equipment to various fine furniture applications. The core business focuses on industrial rail and rail kits providing great solution for rack mount servers, industrial computers and accessories as slide and hinges applied in the hardware of OA furniture, fine furniture kitchen. We specialize in high quality, innovative and customized slide designs, and we have acquired several certifications such as ISO/9001/14001, RoHs and OHSAS18001. Consistent high quality product and well planned production capacity in its Taiwan factories have earned the trust of customers world-wide. Nevertheless, we do not only provide excellent products and services but also dedicated to social responsibility and environmental protection. Nowadays, we put on a great effort on environmental protection and resource management to keep our environmental promise to our next generation.


Mr. C.T. Lin founder of King Slide, chose red to be the company color to signify its persistence and passion for its craftsmanship and the products. Throughout the past 30 years, King Slide has always strived to understand the market needs and exceed customer’s expectation by offering the most ergonomic, safe and convenient design to enhance the quality of one’s life. Each customer’s satisfaction gives us motivation for continuously improvement and innovation. Our objective is to be the leading and favorable brand in every consumer’s mind.

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