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High performance 7" full Led universal headlight
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:CS336-B10P0-4V/CS336-B00P0-4V
Eagle Eyes Traffic Industrial CO., LTD.
award 3

1. 7“ LED headlights

2. Jeep Wrangler

3. Low energy consumption

4. 30% brighter than Halogen

5. High penetration

6. Aluminum base

7. Decent heat dissipation

8. No fan needed

9. Reduce 25% heat

10. Modulized

11. Universal

12. 50% longer lifespan than Halogen

13. Comply with SAE/ECE

14. Green concept

15. Driving safety


About Eagle Eyes Traffic Industrial CO., LTD.

Ever since being established in 1978, Eagle Eyes has embodied thrift, pragmatism, steadiness and innovation as its operational philosophy to concentrate on the development, manufacturing and sales as well as implant in core technology and market distribution of auto lamps with its own brand name “Eagle Eyes” well known to the world. Eagle Eyes’ products range from replacement to performance lamps including headlights, rear lights, corner lights, side markers, bumper lights, and high mounted stop lamps with a total of more than 10,000 products created so far, and an average of 200 new items annually as well. We attempt eagerly to earn the place for Taiwan in the global market and provide every driver with safer, more economic and unique fashionable lighting equipment to arrive at the destination safely.


In 1978 Eagle Eyes started as an auto repair shop and in 1987 marched into US auto part market creating EAGLE EYES brand and eagle head logo which embodies swiftness, keenness, preciseness and elegance of US National Bird as well as embraces thrift, pragmatism, steadiness, and innovation as its spiritual backbones.
In 2000 Eagle Eyes was reborn after a severe fire and ranked Top 10 Golden Brick Enterprises in 2006, 683 out of Top 1000 manufacturers in 2010, and 625 out of Top 5000 manufacturers of revenues in 2011.
Besides aftermarket, Eagle Eyes takes the lead in tuning market providing headlamp, rear light, fog light, side marker, etc. To ensure product quality, Eagle Eyes acquired ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS16949, CAPA and AQRP/NSF herein.
Eagle Eyes has implemented CNC, CAD/CAM, SAP, multi-color injection machines, and vibration welders to continuously improve the operation quality and efficiency, and bear the mission to promote Made in Taiwan products to the world.

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