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CviLux Corporation
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Opro9 SmartDiaper is intimately designed for babies. It integrates well with a baby’s routine so parents can start raising their child in an increasingly technological world. Its design is light, clean, and ergonomic so that babies who use it can feel comfortable. It reflects the future of infant care technology. The straightforward smartphone App interface allows for measurement of the temperature and humidity in a baby’s diaper. You can quickly see the four stages of change in a baby’s diaper in the App, from a smiling face to a crying face. Your phone will also receive reminders from the App, so parents won’t miss the right time to change their baby’s diaper. Parents will indirectly save money on the cost of diapers when they know exactly when a wet diaper needs to be changed. Further, this device can automatically record the data when a baby wets their diaper, which can help parents understand their baby's toilet habits, ultimately making toilet training occur much quicker.

Über CviLux Corporation

Founded in 1990, Cvilux dedicates in manufacturing and selling connectors, FFC, and Wire harnesses. Our products are mainly for the application of consumer electronic, computers, communication and electro-optical. CviLux headquarters with high-precision automatic production line is located in Tamshui, Taipei and operates totally 4 plants at Tamshui in Taiwan, Dongguan and Suzhou area in China to meet worldwide delivery trend.<br /> <br /> CviLux products are distributed through European, Asian and American markets. With integrated sales network, CviLux is able to connect its Asian production bases and sales partners all over the world in a very short time. With the efficient information system & global organization ability, CviLux provides good local service worldwide

Opro9 was officially established in Taiwan in 2012 by parent company Taiwan CviLux Corporation. Our CEO Steve Yang is a loyal Apple user, insisting that Opro9 commits to making high quality, aesthetically pleasing products which are Apple MFi certified to maintain our strong relationship with Apple. Our manufacturing and production processes are strictly controlled, so that more emphasis is on the end product being suitable for our valued customers, which is a core principle of our service. Opro9 is not only an electronic product brand, but a technological lifestyle brand.

Opro9 specializes in Apple accessories and Smart home merchandise. Our vision is to create a better quality of life for all our customers, whilst striving to achieve great attention to detail and continuing to innovate, learn and change. We provide the best quality products and customer service, so that customers are not only happy to buy products from us, but will also enjoy our excellent service process. Finally, we provide high quality certified electronic goods to many different countries, and hope to enrich your experience of an intelligent life.
Our designs are inspired from the joyful and ever-changing nature of life. We develop our products to ensure they integrate into intelligent but down-to-earth lifestyles to satisfy our users. The Opro9 brand has a wide range of products for a variety of users, including the iSafeFile File Protector, Opro9 SmartDiaper, Smart Power Outlet, Bluetooth speakers and other flagship products. We work on both the design and material purchase processes, and adhere to quality-assurance protocols so that buyers can be assured that our products are safe and easy to use.



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