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Thermaltake Speed Silver gaming keyboard
Branche:Computer und Software
Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd.
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Die Gaming Tastatur ist kompatibel mit allen Peripherie-Komponenten der RGB-Sync-Reihe von Thermaltake. So lassen sich die RGB-Effekte aller Geräte nahtlos synchronisieren. Die Level 20 RGB Tastatur kommt zudem mit Sprachsteuerung für die Lichtfunktionen und einigen essentiellen Makros. Die App beinhaltet einen virtuellen Game Controller (VGC) Modus für eine einzigartige und verblüffende mobile Gaming-Erfahrung.

Über Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd.

Thermaltake Technology, delivering the perfect user experience, has inherited the bright halo and passion of the sun emblem to fulfill users’ needs by leading the industries of PC DIY, professional gaming gears, and Apple accessories with ultimate products of our four brands: Thermaltake, Tt eSPORTS, LUXA2, and Tt APOLLOS professional e-Sports team. Thermaltake Technology continues with the spirit of brand innovation , and to combine its enthusiastic atmosphere of having the ambition to become innovative and adventurous into enterprise space. Thermaltake will continue practicing the three pillars of the organization: “Quality”, “Performance”, and “Reliability” which symbolize Thermaltake Technology’s faith to lead the industry, thus extending the standards of products and services for a brighter future!



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