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Two-Platen Smart Injection Molding Machine
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:NRH-850
award 3

1. This product has the breakaway function of the tie bar, which can make the height-limited plant overcome the inconvenience of loading upper and lower molds.
2. This product has an independent detection function. Then, the user can set the error range in accordance with the production requirements, and a total of 13 parameters can be automatically compared and monitored during the production process.
3. This product complaint with the need for smart machinery, which collects parameters, monitors production status in real time, and supports wired and wireless transmission.
4. Equipped with the suspension bearing module (patent no. M634662) for tie bar support, which can reduce frictional energy loss and effectively improve the natural sagging of the tie bar.
5. Equipped with the inner sliding module (patent no. 578643) and the positioning device of the injection molding machine (patent no. 578643) are used to assemble the sliding components rapidly and positioned them accurately.


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HUARONG was founded in 1993 by chairman Mr. Tung Pin Hsiao and is committed to refinement and manufacture of horizontal injection molding machines. Adhering to excellent quality and high-quality service, HUARONG has merged "Yuh-Dak Machinery" (founded in 1986) and "Nan Rong Machinery" (founded in 1982) to improve the inquiry of plastic injection molding machines to provide horizontal, vertical, and multi injection molding machines. HUARONG has established an automation department to integrate automation equipment to assist customers for the planning of the smart factory.

With the aim of "Quality-Innovation and Appreciated by Industry Alignment", HUARONG is constantly pursuing precise, durable and complete on design goals. With professional technical personnel, HUARONG also has ISO 9001/2000 and CE certificate to pursue product quality stability.


Huarong Group - The manufacturing expert of injection molding machines. HuaRong’s ‘Hua’ in Chinese means that Huarong Group is ready to enter the Asia market, and more globally. As for the word ‘Rong’ in Chinese, there are many interpretations, such as the steep and outstanding mountains, and another saying is the monster in the mountains. HUARONG Group's machine quality and employee profession are extremely extraordinary. We are hoped to be a fierce mountain monster, a dark horse rushing out, pursuing innovation and high quality, industrial alliance to create value and provide the best service.

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