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Taiwan’s ICT Industry – Current State and Development Potential
New upgrades in information and communication technology – the Internet of Things: In 2018 Taiwan achieved US$157 billion in information and communication technology exports, an increase of 3.48% compared to 2017. This was due to Taiwan’s strong industrial chain and technological edge. Moreover, our integrated manufacturing capabilities in sensors and IoT terminals gives us a global advantage in IoT industry development. With the Executive Yuan’s recent promotion of the “Asia Silicon Valley” policy and the establishment of the Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency (ASVDA), Taiwan is expected to attain a complete industry ecosystem by 2025.
  • Global Scale of Taiwan’s IoT Business to Increase 30% by 2025
  • Links to Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency

    - Microsoft IoT Innovation Center
    - Qualcomm signs Memorandum of Technology Laboratory Cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs

  • Software and Hardware Integration Build an IoT Value Chain

    The Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency has over 140 members.

Current State and Trends of the Global ICT Industry
According to the 2017 “Measuring the Information Society Report” by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), for the first time over half of the world’s population uses the internet. By the end of 2019, internet users will account for 51.2% of the total global population. The three most important trends are:
  1. In developed countries, 80% have access to internet services, and the 50% population threshold is an important milestone in the popularization of the ICT industry.
  2. Mobile applications, such as ultra-high-quality images (8K) and 3D stereoscopic image display, are driving demand for broadband connection. By 2020 mobile data traffic is expected to be 1000 times that of 2010. 2019 is said to be the year of 5G, and the global 5G infrastructure has entered the testing phase, catering to the needs of the entertainment industry, mass IoT communications, and the manufacturing industry.
  3. The Internet of Things (IoT), big data analysis, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and block chain technologies will give rise to extensive innovation, fundamentally changing enterprises, the government, and society. This is expected to create a digital economy worth US$23 trillion by 2025.
Taiwan’s Strong ICT Industry Key to Success in the New 5G Era
2019 has been hailed as the year of 5G. The United States, European countries, Japan, and South Korea are all actively working to deploy 5G networks. The private research group Markets and Markets forecasts that the market scale will increase from US$700 million in 2020 to US$6.3 billion in 2025, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 55.4%. Taiwan’s long experience in ICT development and its excellent hardware manufacturing capabilities gives the island a powerful advantage in 5G and IoT development.
* Please see the booklet for relevant reference data.
“Taiwan has achieved the status of a key partner in the global ICT industry. We’re the world’s No. 1 in terms of information hardware output, and by 2019 the total output of our mobile communications industry, including internet equipment and various smart mobile terminal devices, is estimated to be US$50 billion.
- Daniel Tsai, Chairman of Taiwan
Mobile Co., Ltd.
ICT Industry Video
Taiwan Excellence Recommends
AVer EP65 introduces an enhanced worldwide collaboration experience. The EP65 works with any video system, and members can join with any device. AVer also partnered with Zoom to propose a powerful yet simple concept for corporations. Embedded with a tilted 4K wide-angle camera, high-end image processors, and outstanding A/V design capability, the EP65 creates stunning meetings, regardless of lighting conditions and seating arrangement. Moreover, excellent hardware integration and an intelligent audio algorithm make the EP65 a versatile all-in-one solution that endows meeting rooms of all sizes with superb audio/video quality. Consisting of Zoom Rooms run on an i7 mini-PC, a 4K projected capacitive touch panel, and toughened glass, the EP65 is the most robust and intuitive conduit for remote interaction. EP65 supports also two HD monitors, enabling participants to exchange content on one screen and catch audience reactions on another. Added wireless sharing allows easy expression.
Pinnacle Panther SSD for High-end Gaming Apacer’s AS2280P4+ has integrated high-end specification in compact M.2 SSD, ready to lead the gamers conquering the heat of battle. With thermalchromic ink, Apacer has adopted multi-layer printing to paint the gaming figure “PANTHER” on AS2280P4+. Even when cold, it burns with passionate and fiery red. During the intense game, it transforms into molten gold, taking the heat out of the situation. Apacer’s PANTHER logo is also printed as metallic finished in silver, it radiates when the light is on, aesthetically pleasing to users. In order to collect high-end weapon, a high-end SSD is necessary. AS2280P4+ is in M.2 form factor, with PCIe Gen3 x4 interface and compatible with NVMe1.2 standard. The read/write speed is up to 3,200/2,000 MB/s, and the random read/write is achieving up to 360,000 IOPs. With it compact size it saves space for expansion such as water cooling system, ready to provide extreme performances.
PLANET Industrial Flat-type Smart Router with Color Touch LCD Screen is an unique all-in-one gateway offering powerful security and L2/L4 switching functions, intuitive touch LCD and smart AP control for IoT/IIoT applications in homes, businesses, or manufacturing. It manages 20 wireless APs via touch LCD panel and web GUI in real time. Its innovative features including: ●Smart and intuitive LCD control: IP configurations, PoE, hardware management, system status monitoring and basic diagnostic test without logging on to the web interface ●User-friendly “Front Access” design in a compact flat-type case facilitates installation and maintenance in any space-limited location ●Intelligent PoE management functions : PD alive check, Scheduled power recycling, PoE schedule, etc. ●Efficient AP positioning: Simplified Cluster AP management, Multi SSIDs, Zone Plan, Google Map ●Dynamic IP (DHCP Client), static IP, PPPoE, L2TP, PPTP ●Supports DHCP server, DDNS, DMZ and port forwarding
The IVR-300 Series is the first Industrial VPN Security Gateway offering unique Gigabit dual WAN ports for highly secure network connectivity in various IoT/IIoT applications. The IVR-300 series supports all industrial VPN protocols, cybersecurity and other enhanced functions to facilitate secure network infrastructure of IoT and IP surveillance systems. ■ Dual-WAN failover and Dual-WAN load balancing ■ SSL VPN and robust hybrid VPN (IPSec/SSL/L2TP over IPSec) ■ Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall and content filtering ■ Blocking DoS/DDOS attack, port range forwarding, ■ IPv6, SNMP, PLANET DDNS ■ Wireless AP management ■ -40 to 75 degrees C operating temperature ■ 48~56V DC, redundant power with polarity reverse protect function ■ 2 Digital Input & Digital Output ■ IP30 metal case, DIN-rail and wall-mount designs ■ Supports PLANET Universal Network Management System
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Currently in the market you will find many Full HD. LGU is the first to supports 4K HDR (zero-lag) pass-through and recording 4Kp30, if gamers still want to record HDR content they can do so in Full HD resolution. Even PC Gamers have been thought of by allowing passthrough of up to a whopper 240 FPS on full HD, while recording at 120 FPS for smoother archives. INNOVATION 1. Technology leadership: Made in Taiwan, the world's first cost effective external video capture box that supports HDR capture, leading the competition. 2. Performance leadership: In compliance with UVC technical specifications, users can plug and play without installing any driver, and can experience ultra high-definition image capture with simple installation. 3. Integration leadership: RECentral is THE first gaming capture software able to record HDR content. And it doesn’t stop there, RECentral is also able to simultaneously stream to multiple platforms, support powerful overlays and audio mixing.
With pure ROG gaming DNA at its core, and powered by the world's fastest speed-binned 2.96GHz octa-core Qualcomm? Snapdragon? 845 Mobile Platform with gaming-optimized Adreno? 630 GPU, ROG Phone breaks every rule to go where rivals fear to tread. ROG Phone is built to win: its unique GameCool vapor-chamber cooling system — with detachable AeroActive Cooler for an extra cooling boost — sustains blur-free high frame rates in the heat of battle, while its no-compromise AMOLED display blends a blazing 90Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time with gorgeous HDR visuals. The ultra-comfortable design of ROG Phone includes unique side-mounted ports, and the enhanced, ultra-responsive game controls — including two programmable ultrasonic AirTriggers and advanced force-feedback haptics — let gamers focus all their skills on the game, giving them the edge they need for total domination. A unique range of powerful expansion accessories further enhances the ROG Phone gaming experience.
1. Prime compatibility: support all motherboards: EATX, ATX, MicroATX, MiniITX motherboards which bring an incredible possibility for gamers. 2. The most customizable & convenient DIY experience: tool-less installation design makes PC DIY easier & greatly save time while assembling. 3. Convenient Double side Tool-Less Design: The MPG SEKIRA 500X features with two 4mm tool-less tempered glasses with high-quality rotary hinge & door handle to ensure the durability and perspective of the side panels to showing the gamer's unique style with ARGB fans. 4. Optimum Extractable Radiator Bracket design: a modular removable water-cooling bracket can be easily installed with water-cooling radiator or system fans without any additional tools, providing an optimal assembly convenience for gamers. 5. Refined brushed-aluminum with a luxurious but low profile style: Its sharp, chiseled edges and the tilted slash across the facade reflect infinite power, with a silver or rose-gold color edge.
A new Trident regrouped. MSI successfully launched the Trident 3 Arctic Trident, which won 2017 IF Innovation awards and 2018 CES Honoree, and Best of Innovation double awards. This year we strengthen and upgrade the Trident to make it more powerful and fit the users' need, we call Trident X / Trident A. It's the first mini PC with the Intel 9th K CPU and NV GTX 11 series standard desktop graphics which has the same performance as a tower PC. We put the glass panel on Trident which is appreciated by users. The MSI Exclusive Silent Storm Cooling thermal design separates the three main components to make the system cool. We put the major components on the two sides that the user only needs to remove 4 screws and pop off the two side panel then can upgrade the components in a ease. We put the PSU into the machine that user doesn't need to carry too much assy going outside. The front LED and CPU RGB Fan can be customized by MSI Mysticlight app to show your personality.
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EverFocus, launched a new series of in-vehicle systems EMV407 TD, which combines navigation and multi-media systems, providing 4-channel instantly video display. It’s simple lines design, and according to different models creasing the exclusive installing size. Make EMV407 TD like born to original car design. EMV407 TD uses the most popular mirroring function (Mirroring), synchronously mirrors the mobile phone information to the 7” touch panel, making users easily to use Google navigation and don’t miss any important messages while driving. Product Features: ‧ FHD digital video recorder, support SD/FHD analog camera ‧ Instant video display and record, up to 1080p FHD ‧ H.264 dual stream compression format ‧ Support for SD cards (up to 512GB) ‧ 7” touch panel ‧ Multi-media and surveillance controlling interface ‧ Support various USB format play the video file ‧ Archive video to SD Card storage device ‧ Certification: CE, FCC, BSMI, VSCC
VIVOTEK is the world’s first network surveillance solution manufacturer to cooperate with the cybersecurity company, Trend Micro. Armed with Trend Micro's anti-intrusion software, cameras offer multi-layer protection, including block brute force attacks, intrusion detection and prevention, and instant damage control . In 2019, VIVOTEK extends the protection and launches the world’s leading end to end Cybersecurity Management Solution. It provides a robust shield that starts from the front-end network camera(IT9389-HT), to the network video recorder(ND9541P), and to the back-end video management software (VAST 2). VAST 2 includes Instant Alert Notifications, allowing users to receive notifications either automatically or manually, and real-time Cyber Risk Dashboard to easily identify common types of cyber attacks. Last but not least, users can take a further step to filter attack logs through different criteria, making it quicker to find abnormal events in a large number of records.
e-Family IP Smart Cloud Community Security System integrates smart home security, communication, video and home control to provide a smart and safe living environment.The following functions are built into the intelligent system. Smart communication / security anti-theft / visitor video / touch-sensitive door lock / public area image monitoring / emergency help / elderly home care / anti-duty automatic notification / door and window reed alarm control / smoke. gas detection / one-click energy saving / APP remote security protection / app broadcast alarm / instant message push / AI smart voice integration Let the intelligent building and the IoT technology be integrated and integrated to achieve solutions for safety, health, energy saving, convenience, comfort and sustainability. ???The business philosophy of integration of production and sales and enterprise integration, a total of 1 factory / 8 direct branches in the whole channel.
As hacker attacks increases, it is vital for SMBs to record and analyze the variety of threat trends. The CNM SecuReporter provides a suite of analysis and reporting tools that includes network security threats identification and analysis, security services, security events, application usage, website/traffic usage, VPN status, and Device Health status. SecuReporter is also a managed, cloud-based correlation and intelligence analytic services designed for VAR/MSP. No need for significant hardware investment, SecuReporter can optimize operation expenses by reducing waste while streamlining supervision and intervention operations. 1.Cloud–Based Service 2.Precision Analytics 3.Customized Reports – Create reports that fit your priorities 4.Ease of setup and monitor 5.Data protection regulations -SecuReporter offers three options you can choose:Non-Anonymous, Partially Anonymous and Fully Anonymous 6.SecuReporter Dashboard - easy to monitor
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Product appearance to use convenience fashion design concept, the use of simple and neat lines, the ultimate narrow frame, all-metal appearance, in the same industry LED TV products, people feel more refined fashion, and functional design also keep up with the trend , In addition to the beautiful MENU interface and HerTV system, in operation is also simple and easy to understand. The new HerTV system using APP open design, compared with other LED TV brand, in addition to the shape of the evolution of more extreme appearance, the appearance of a sense of stability. The overall thickness of the more forward and more into the light, thin design concept, more intelligent Internet access, so that the experience to have more fun,HDR function makes colors more colorful!
-24.5 inch Full HD (1920x1080)TN gaming panel MSI Oculux NXG25 series features 24.5 inch Full HD TN gaming panel- the most suitable configuration for pro gamers. -NVIDIA G-SYNC technology MSI Oculux NXG25 series is equipped with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology to provide smooth, tear-free and immersive experiences, allowing pro gamers to conquer games with ease. -240Hz Extremely High Refresh Rate MSI Oculux NXG25 series supports up to 240hz refresh rate, which is the highest in the industry. It provides smooth and no-latency gaming experience, particularly good for fast-moving games. -0.5ms Ultra-Fast Response Time MSI Oculux NXG25 series has the fastest response time-0.5ms, which eliminates ghosting and provides clear visual. -Mystic Light Customize RGB LED’s colors and effects MSI Mystic Light can control Oculus NXG 25 series’ RGB lights, creating ambient glow with several effects to choose from. -Frameless design Good for multiple display setup, providing best viewing experience.
One-key switchable i-Privacy Display was invented by Innolux. Different from conventional method where users attach a privacy film outside the screen manually, this invention makes it possible to switch on/off the privacy mode by only one key. Under privacy mode, the screem becomes dark at off axis viewing to reach privacy performance, while keeping the same picture quality at on-axis viewing to ensure an equivalent user experience of the main user. In privacy mode, voltage is applied to the liquid crystal molecules making the light direction change, and it becomes dark at off-axis viewing. Therefore the display is visible from on-axit viewing, and invisible from off-axis viewing. Integration of privacy function into one key switch brings best user experience.
Expressing Through Light Inspired by the beauty of stained glass, the 309 is for RGB enthusiasts that crave their PCs to be a light show, a club or festive enough for the holidays. Lighten Up! The 309’s front panel is equipped with 144 stunning addressable LEDs. There’s a total of 12 built-in lighting modes and you can quickly change each mode, as well as, adjust the brightness with buttons presented on the front I/O panel. Let the light be your guide to an awesome PC! Lighting the Way for PC Hardware The 309 pays tribute to PC hardware by lighting the stage for them! It will be equipped with three dazzling InWin EGO fans which contains 16 LEDs inside the silicon frame. Got Any Bright Ideas?! The InWin exclusive GLOW 2 software controls lighting effects and the provided EGO fans. Creation mode gives control to the user to design whatever they want on the front panel display. Interactive Lighting Effects Brings Case to Life! Versatile Liquid Cooling Support
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1.Future retail fields require LWO’s Transparent LCD Fridge as a visual platform to interact with customers. Precise marketing and self-promotion are achieved while identified customers interact with customized QR codes displayed from the fridge. 2.Customers have been aware of brand value of advertisers while their attention been drawn to visual effects of transparent videos superimposed on real goods in the fridge. 3.The fridge can display different advertisements at different time, including: brand introduction, sales promotion, customized marketing, therefore many papers and working hours are saved. 4.The fridge adopts LWO’s self-developed patented technologies to maximize the visible area. Normal LCD displays have fixed aspect ratio which limits the visible area when applied to a fridge. 5.The fridge adopts new generation of lighting design, and customer can see both transparent videos and real goods better and clear.
1.Future retail fields require LWO’s Transparent LCD Fridge as a visual platform to interact with customers. Precise marketing and self-promotion are achieved while identified customers interact with customized QR codes displayed from the fridge. 2.Customers have been aware of brand value of advertisers while their attention been drawn to visual effects of transparent videos superimposed on real goods in the fridge. 3.The fridge can display different advertisements at different time, including: brand introduction, sales promotion, customized marketing, therefore many papers and working hours are saved. 4.The fridge adopts LWO’s self-developed patented technologies to maximize the visible area. Normal LCD displays have fixed aspect ratio which limits the visible area when applied to a fridge. 5.The fridge adopts new generation of lighting design, and customer can see both transparent videos and real goods better and clear.
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