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Trends in Taiwan’s Sports and Leisure Industry
The sports market is booming worldwide. In recent years, Taiwan’s sports and leisure supply chain and fitness center sector have been consistently on the rise. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in the offing, Taiwan’s sports and leisure industry is set to reap positive benefits. According to the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, the output of the sporting goods manufacturing industry displayed double-digit growth of 17.26% from January to February 2019. Notably, at the recent 2018 World Cup, 32 countries used sports equipment from Taiwan. In 2019, Taiwan’s bicycle exports approached the NT$10 billion dollar mark, a new milestone in the sports and leisure industry.

In 2018, Taiwan achieved a total of US$1.94 billion in sporting goods exports, with an annual growth rate of 6.73%. Taiwan’s top three markets are the United States (43.84%), China (11.03%), and Japan (7.21%).
“In 2017, global fitness center memberships reached 174 million, and fitness centers generated revenues of US$87.2 billion worldwide. Total memberships are expected to reach 230 million by 2030.”
- International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA)
Made-in-Taiwan Jerseys and Football Cleats Dominate the World Cup
Major international events such as the Olympics and the World Cup and many star athletes use sports equipment that is Made in Taiwan. According to a report by CommonWealth Magazine, Taiwanese companies are the exclusive providers of a wide array of sports equipment, including badminton rackets, bicycles, soccer balls, athletic shoes and protective gear, generating revenues of nearly NT$500 billion.
Taiwan’s World-renowned Bicycle Industry Exports Hit the NT$10 billion Mark
In 2018, the total exports of Taiwan’s bicycle industry reached US$3.23 billion, an increase of 14.7%. From January to September 2019, total exports reached US$2.64 billion, an increase of 11% compared to the same period of the previous year. The main source of growth was high-value electric bicycles. Taiwan exported 234,000 e-bikes during this period, an annual growth rate of 111%. Total export revenues reached US$312 million, close to the NT$10 billion mark, an annual growth rate of 103%.

Europe and North America are the main markets for both e-bikes and conventional bicycles, with the European Union accounting for 50% of total exports, followed by the United States, accounting for 30%.
Global Sports and Leisure Industry Trends
The Global Sports Craze
According to the international survey agency Plunkett Research, total global annual revenues in the sports and leisure related industries is now US$1.5 trillion. The global sports and leisure industry has grown by 5.7% annually since 2005. At this rate, driven by the Tokyo Olympics boom, total revenues of the global sports and leisure industry has a chance of hitting the US$2 trillion mark by 2020.
Four Major Sports Technology Trends
  • Quantitative Data

    Wearable devices such as smart watches and smart bracelets can now provide useful information and statistics, by analyzing data collected from built-in accelerometers, gyroscopes and other sensors.

  • Virtual/Physical Integration

    Virtual/physical integration technology enhances athletic experiences, such accessing online road maps for real-world running, or experiencing 3D rides as an avatar on a bicycle cycling alongside other athletes from around the world.

  • Home Fitness

    Home fitness is one of the latest trends in sports. Consumers can purchase sports and fitness commodities online and have them delivered to their homes to enjoy workouts, rain or shine.

  • Gamification and Virtual Social Networking

    Excellent coaches, interactive screens, elastic cushioned mats and walls made of pressure-sensitive materials, LED lights, and sound effects are just some of the latest innovations in this field. Heartbeat and training data can be recorded throughout workout sessions, and game modes with sound and light effects make highly repetitive exercise movements interesting and motivational.

* Please see the booklet for relevant reference data.
Sports and Leisure Industry Video
Luxury Recommendation
Each set of the SMART BOX series contains 1 activity book and 1 manipulative toy. The most distinguish feature of the series is its 3-level learning-by-playing design: an introduction story, self-challenging tasks, and family table games. With years of experience in developing learning materials and educational toys, we are able to exceed ordinary toy manufacturers by providing children more beneficial learning experience while playing. To cope with the new digital era, we skipped traditional marking channels. SMART BOX went viral in one week because of experiential marketing: free samples for fans to share on FB pages, toy review videos by kids, and an exclusive webpage to elaborate product features. Such online and offline marketing strategy led to a success when launching this new product at TIBE 2017. SMART BOX was not only a big hit at TIBE, it was later introduced to Japan by Gakken, the largest educational publisher. SMART BOX is now also available in the States and Thailand.
As the warming of the earth becomes more serious, the living environment of the polar bear is becoming more compressed. We are choose the environmental protection yarns made of marine recycled waste. There are more than 9 million tons of marine waste drifting into the ocean every year. Through the raw materials processing technology in Taiwan, it begins with direct raw materials. People oriented is the purpose of design, focusing on the coordinated development of human, function and environment. Environmental protection is no longer the slogan of marketing. It does exist in the surrounding environment and all behaviors, combined with recycled materials. The need for behavior in life is designed to fit the functional bag, built-in structure, suitable for work, school and leisure. Our design focuses on Humanities and focuses on demand. All kinds of bags are no longer just revealing personal status.
#1246R Robotic Workshop that Gigo has innovated and is launching targeted children & their parents to enjoy at home and school classes to use as tool for learning. With Gigo’s new innovative and genius robotic creation systems, consumers will be using light sensor, touch sensors, ultrasonic sensors, servo motors, a core smart controller that act as the brain and direct link to tablets from where kids will program their creations. The hundreds of Gigo construction parts that are included will enable consumers to construct all kinds of models, from very simple 3 wheel robots to very elaborative creatures with many functions. The graphical programming user interface is provided by GigoBlockly (based on the open source “GoogleBlockly”) that is easy to use for even young kids at the age of 10 years, in addition it can sync with the corresponding program syntax (JavaScript) at the same time to provide a more knowledge background and inspiration for learning.
The brand new GF63 debuts with its 15.6 ultra slim footprint and thin bezel with measuring less than 2kg in weight. Continuing MSI's gaming DNA and powerful performance, the GF63 carries up to 8th Gen. Intel Core i7 processor and GeForce GTX 1050Ti graphics, while lasting over 7 hours in battery life. The GF63 provides gamers a new choice of portable gaming firepower! Gamers can enjoy more immersive gameplay in an even more compact chassis. Nahimic3 with exclusive Audio Boost enhance in-game 3D surround sound and make finite control over your music, movies, and conference calls.<br /> Featuring its performance is the brushed aluminum cover decorated by the signature red dragon shield and a unique asymmetric dual-pattern underneath. The new aesthetic retains low profile while still flow the gaming blood. With optimization brought by the new MSI Dragon Center 2.0, the GF63 elevates the gaming experience. Thin, light, yet powerful, GF63 makes “portable gaming” more accessible than ever!
In addition to satisfying the general consumers, the PT20 intelligent electric treadmill pays special attention to human-oriented operation and intelligent digital interactive design to meet the needs of the majority of customers. 1. Smart Technology: Introduce the Personal Intelligence Sports Health Management App to allow users to use the built-in display heart rate. 2. Human design, solid and practical: human interaction design with logic interface, display and control panel combined with knob operation, providing users with easy identification and convenient operation. 3. Concise shape: The overall shape of the product is a simple large-scale flat riser appearance structure. 4. Comfortable and durable: Special electrostatic powder paint is used to enhance the wear resistance of the treadmill, scratch resistance, and high static resistance. 5. Energy-saving and carbon-reduction: The product is automatically shut down when no one is used for six hours.
The SOLE SC300 Stepper is a high intensity machine that offers a remarkably short-duration workout. A powerful addition to any fitness facility, it features a wide range of programming options in a remarkably small footprint. It also features patented, independent pedal geometry with four-bar linkage that keeps the pedals of the machine level and ensure a safe, biomechanically correct movement while working out. The SOLE SC300 Stepper is ideal for use as part of circuit training programs or on its own. Climbing is a challenge of endurance. And the high-intensity, short-duration workout of a SOLE SC300 Stepper is unbeatable. The incline feature allows users to increase the intensity of their workouts by increasing the steepness of the climb. The high intensity engages users and allows them to reach newer heights in their workouts.
The Paragon X included the Johnson Exclusive AirTrain Technology combines responsive air cushioning with 10 challenge programs to simulate real trail running. Intuitive controls can easily adjust speed and incline at the touch of a button, and the FitDisplay app with WeChat compatibility connects via Bluetooth to elevate the exercise experience with all the things that keep you moving. It is the only treadmill for trail running beginners and enthusiasts who want to take their training further at home. - AirTrain Technology Our exclusive design features an air cushion system beneath the deck that inflates along with preprogrammed changes in speed, incline and terrain based on 10 real trail running competitions across North America, Asia and Europe. And uou can even choose from grass, dirt, gravel and stone terrain settings to create a feel right for the way you like to run.
Aropec Freediving wetsuits are made of 100% super-stretch Neoprene which is soft and super elastic. PU coating surface presents different appearance from regular fabric. The reflection of metallic color gives better look when you taking pictures underwater. A range of size and streamlined cutting design, satisfy the needs of different heights and body shapes, making you more hydrodynamic, increase heat retention. The high extensibility of Neoprene feels like a second skin, fully cover and well-fitting, allows for maximum comfort and more room to move and breathe. The wetsuit comes in 2 pieces, easy to wear and take off. Hooded top with Velcro crotch strap and high waist pants prevents the top moving upward. With more women engaged in freediving, long sleeve bikini cut wetsuit is designed for more fashionable appearance. The “PURSUE” logo on the front deliver the message of finding yourself and to attain the freedom of our being, physically and mentally.
The newest design of S6ego is not only the release of new painting tech, what’s hidden underneath the paint is also a highlight of S6ego.The whole new painting design reveals the metallic matt look and asymmetric decals. It is what you need for a stylish urban ride T800 high modulus carbon fiber has been utilized in frame structure to ensure its durability and security as well as balance between comfort and rigidity. The C.N.T tech has also been implemented into the manufacturing process to greatly increase the impact resistance of the frame. With the C.N.T tech, both tensile strength 33.5% and elastic modulus 17.14% of S6ego are higher than usual epoxy. The latest carbon lamination design also increases the general rigidity by 15% than other S6 model. The performance of S6ego in impact-resistance, light-weighting, handling, acceleration and comfort is at the top-notch tier. The frames are not only approved by UCI standard, but also tested with 20% stricter of EN standard.
This all-new high-performance Defy Advanced Pro is handcrafted with Giant’s Advanced composite and specifically engineered for endurance road riding. With the perfect blend of stiffness and compliance, it delivers a smooth, fast ride quality for your longest, hardest rides. Its innovative technologies include a Giant D-Fuse SL composite seatpost and Contact SLR D-Fuse composite handlebar,vspecially shaped cockpit components that work as a system to add compliance and reduce road shocks and vibrations. The framevis also integrated for disc brakes, with flat mounts and 12mm front and rear thru-axles, plus clearance for high-volume tires up to 32c. The oversized and tapered OverDrive 2 full-composite steerer tube boosts cornering precision, while the PowerCore bottom bracket (dropped 5mm from the previous generation Defy to compensate for larger tires) delivers precise handling and class-leading pedaling efficiency.
KMC’s Newest X12 Chain: Thinner, Faster, Stronger Fulfilling KMC’s premium X series status, enhanced inner X-bridge plate design guides gear teeth into the chain smoothly. In addition, optimal dynamic chamfering augments chain performance while avoiding shifting interference. The newest X12 chain possesses upgraded pin power (+400 kgf) for improved robustness and durability for increasing chain life and neutralizing the stresses caused by severe chain lines inherent to 12 speed systems. The Titanium Carbon Nitride Coating achieves high surface hardness and debris repulsion. KMC always focuses on innovation and has led the chain industry for over 40 years. KMC has received multiple design awards including the recently awarded 2017 iF Design Award in Asia when X12 was first released. New X12 chain accurately avoids gear interference, shifts smoothly, and is perfectly compatible with all 12 speed drivetrain systems and components. KMC has created a new benchmark for 12 speed chains.
TRS2's frame is made by hydroforming, CNC processing and gravity casting to significantly improve the strength. Its geometry perfectly integrates the powertube and motor into its streamlined frame for swift performance. The battery pack inside the down tube is easy to install or remove for recharging the battery on or off the bike. TRS2's strong power system provides 3 assistance modes and features a 70 N.m torque value to create faster and longer rides. The display and App indicate important info and offer customization functions to match different users' riding styles. A 150mm travel Horst link suspension system and a 150mm travel front fork offer a better riding experience. Designed for all-mountain terrain, the front and rear tires let riders easily conquer loose or muddy conditions. TRS2's Light Link lets users add a front light in just minutes, and the pre-set hole at the bottom of the top tube allows users who prefer a dropper seatpost can easily install and maintain it.
Due to its trend developing globally that UTV sizes must have PCR’s characters. Therefore, Tire’s constructions now need to develop to similar PCR’s construction (Polyester (90°) + Steel Belt). NYLON CORD material is similar to PCR construction nearly 90°in Carcass, referring JATMA regulation, angles bigger than 70°in Carcass could classify in Radial tires. Also, Breaker construction could replace Steel-Belt construction and the efficacies are the same. Unique pattern designed with strengthened construction which lead tires have better driving performance in rugged terrain. Continued pattern layout causing stable condition in driving. The main pattern was designed in shape “/ \” which lead having good driving experience. Pattern design on the bottom of grooves can evacuate mud block efficiently. Designated by KAWASAKI Mule Models and won Red Dot Award in Y2018.
This product is a full-screen display combining 25 and 27.73. The FFS wide viewing angle technology can provide users with a full viewing angle of nearly 180 degrees. It can provide the display information of the front and rear passengers according to individual needs and the integration of the interior of the car. Aesthetics, the main features are as follows: 1.25 and 27.73 dual display Narrow Border, the distance between the two screens is only 21.66mm 2.25吋 and 27.73吋 Use TGP panel technology to reduce the effect of panel border rendering full screen 3.25吋 and 27.73吋 dual modules use one-piece Covelens and bonded with optical adhesive (OCR) Direct Bonding 4.25Instrument Cluster with direct backlight module and Local Dimming mode, which can display only necessary information, reduce power consumption and save power 5.27.73 Central Information Display and passenger seat module with GFS Touch (Glass Film Touch) for direct touch control of multimedia/navigation functions
(1)Two embedded media modules make monitor display independently. There is a built-in media board that support plug and play functionality. (2)The display can be readable under sunlight with the brightness of 700 nits (3)Aspect ratio of monitor is 16:3 with resolution of 1920X360. (4)Used in the central area of the carriage to enhance the passenger information deliver. (5)High reliability: This display has such high-profile specifications including over 50,000 hours in MTBF and passed rigorous thermo and vibration tests. (6)LWO Company has obtained more than 20 global patent approvals related to dual-sides display which will strengthen the competitive advantages. (7)This display can be seen as the terminal device to IoT solutions. Display will not be a monitor but a platform can execute complex works for smart transportation system, like passenger flow analysis, emergency services, environment monitoring, etc.
(1)Two embedded media modules make monitor display independently. There is a built-in media board that support plug and play functionality. (2)The display can be readable under sunlight with the brightness of 700 nits (3)Aspect ratio of monitor is 16:3 with resolution of 1920X360. (4)Used in the central area of the carriage to enhance the passenger information deliver. (5)High reliability: This display has such high-profile specifications including over 50,000 hours in MTBF and passed rigorous thermo and vibration tests. (6)LWO Company has obtained more than 20 global patent approvals related to dual-sides display which will strengthen the competitive advantages. (7)This display can be seen as the terminal device to IoT solutions. Display will not be a monitor but a platform can execute complex works for smart transportation system, like passenger flow analysis, emergency services, environment monitoring, etc.
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