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Sports and Leisure Industry
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Trends in Taiwan’s Sports and Leisure Industry
The sports market is booming worldwide. In recent years, Taiwan’s sports and leisure supply chain and fitness center sector have been consistently on the rise. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in the offing, Taiwan’s sports and leisure industry is set to reap positive benefits. According to the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, the output of the sporting goods manufacturing industry displayed double-digit growth of 17.26% from January to February 2019. Notably, at the recent 2018 World Cup, 32 countries used sports equipment from Taiwan. In 2019, Taiwan’s bicycle exports approached the NT$10 billion dollar mark, a new milestone in the sports and leisure industry.

In 2018, Taiwan achieved a total of US$1.94 billion in sporting goods exports, with an annual growth rate of 6.73%. Taiwan’s top three markets are the United States (43.84%), China (11.03%), and Japan (7.21%).
“In 2017, global fitness center memberships reached 174 million, and fitness centers generated revenues of US$87.2 billion worldwide. Total memberships are expected to reach 230 million by 2030.”
- International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA)
Made-in-Taiwan Jerseys and Football Cleats Dominate the World Cup
Major international events such as the Olympics and the World Cup and many star athletes use sports equipment that is Made in Taiwan. According to a report by CommonWealth Magazine, Taiwanese companies are the exclusive providers of a wide array of sports equipment, including badminton rackets, bicycles, soccer balls, athletic shoes and protective gear, generating revenues of nearly NT$500 billion.
Taiwan’s World-renowned Bicycle Industry Exports Hit the NT$10 billion Mark
In 2018, the total exports of Taiwan’s bicycle industry reached US$3.23 billion, an increase of 14.7%. From January to September 2019, total exports reached US$2.64 billion, an increase of 11% compared to the same period of the previous year. The main source of growth was high-value electric bicycles. Taiwan exported 234,000 e-bikes during this period, an annual growth rate of 111%. Total export revenues reached US$312 million, close to the NT$10 billion mark, an annual growth rate of 103%.

Europe and North America are the main markets for both e-bikes and conventional bicycles, with the European Union accounting for 50% of total exports, followed by the United States, accounting for 30%.
Global Sports and Leisure Industry Trends
The Global Sports Craze
According to the international survey agency Plunkett Research, total global annual revenues in the sports and leisure related industries is now US$1.5 trillion. The global sports and leisure industry has grown by 5.7% annually since 2005. At this rate, driven by the Tokyo Olympics boom, total revenues of the global sports and leisure industry has a chance of hitting the US$2 trillion mark by 2020.
Four Major Sports Technology Trends
  • Quantitative Data

    Wearable devices such as smart watches and smart bracelets can now provide useful information and statistics, by analyzing data collected from built-in accelerometers, gyroscopes and other sensors.

  • Virtual/Physical Integration

    Virtual/physical integration technology enhances athletic experiences, such accessing online road maps for real-world running, or experiencing 3D rides as an avatar on a bicycle cycling alongside other athletes from around the world.

  • Home Fitness

    Home fitness is one of the latest trends in sports. Consumers can purchase sports and fitness commodities online and have them delivered to their homes to enjoy workouts, rain or shine.

  • Gamification and Virtual Social Networking

    Excellent coaches, interactive screens, elastic cushioned mats and walls made of pressure-sensitive materials, LED lights, and sound effects are just some of the latest innovations in this field. Heartbeat and training data can be recorded throughout workout sessions, and game modes with sound and light effects make highly repetitive exercise movements interesting and motivational.

* Please see the booklet for relevant reference data.
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Luxury Recommendation
Different from drones, there is a group of pilots addict to RC heli for fun and pro flight. Especially nitro helicopter, pilots enjoy this adorable speed, sound of the wind and smell of fuel smoke. Like most motor riders dreaming of Harley Motor, RC pilots also want to fulfill their dreams of flying “ALIGN T-REX 600XN”. After years of R&D, ALIGN finally make this new 50-Size nitro helicopter to be real. We make it an offer you can't refuse: lightweight, endurable and delicate designs. It features the new direct to swashplate servo and utilizes low CG FBL System to increase responsiveness and precision in 3D flight. The Engineered Narrow Body Design efficiently decrease gear abrasion and frame deformation in flight. By moving the engine forward to allow the fuel tank to be positioned in the center of the main shaft, CG keeps consistent as the fuel level changes during flight. T-REX 600XN innovative design will excite your inner soul to bring back your passion for nitro definitely!
The Tesoro star drag reels were designed with the latest technology and insight from the leading fishermen in the industry. The Tesoro features 6061-T6 machined aluminum frame, side plates, and spool as well as our MSS: Mechanical Stabilizing System for a zero flex platform keeping all key components aligned, and running smoothly. With its 17-4 grade, self lubricating, stainless steel helical cut gearing, and multi-disc Carbonite drag system bathed in Cal’s drag grease, this reel runs silent and smooth. The Tesoro star drag reels packs its strength and technology into 10 and 12 size reels. Both sizes contain five total corrosion resistant bearings that are bathed in TSI oil for the ultimate in free spool. The Carbonite drag system puts out a fish stopping 22lbs of drag. Both sizes of the Tesoro feature a high speed 6.2:1 gear ratio and 46” of line retrieve per turn of the handle.
As the warming of the earth becomes more serious, the living environment of the polar bear is becoming more compressed. We are choose the environmental protection yarns made of marine recycled waste. There are more than 9 million tons of marine waste drifting into the ocean every year. Through the raw materials processing technology in Taiwan, it begins with direct raw materials. People oriented is the purpose of design, focusing on the coordinated development of human, function and environment. Environmental protection is no longer the slogan of marketing. It does exist in the surrounding environment and all behaviors, combined with recycled materials. The need for behavior in life is designed to fit the functional bag, built-in structure, suitable for work, school and leisure. Our design focuses on Humanities and focuses on demand. All kinds of bags are no longer just revealing personal status.
Okuma Epixor XT spinning reels feature C40x carbon Torsion Control Armor construction reduce twist and torque and keeps the internal parts in perfect alignment, C40x is substantially stronger composite than standard graphite materials, lighter and more durable. - TCA: C40x carbon Torsion Control Armor reduces twisting - Multi-disc, Japanese oiled felt drag washers - 7BB+1RB stainless steel bearings - Quick-Set ant-reverse bearing - Precision machine cut brass pinion gear - Slow oscillation system for improved line lay - Corrosion resistant graphite body and rotor - CFR: Cyclonic Flow Rotor technology - Rigid metal handle design for strength - Machined aluminum, 2-tone anodized spool with LCS lip - Heavy duty solid aluminum bail wire - RESII: Computer balanced Rotor Equalizing System
Cagebot is the very first and top-level industrial brick. Combine its modular robot sets with gear motors from ShaYang Ye, you can easily have multiple usages like AGV, robot arm and even mini production line just through. Cagebot Certificated by EU EN71,The assembly is so easy that you just need to use a screw driver and metal connectors to combine different bricks together. The construction is strong and stable enough for you robot to carry any kinds of heavy mission. You can easily get used to it through an easy connection between parts and a simple program to control it. Cagebot has an unlimited potential. Everything will be achievable through its perfect industrial ability. If you want to build an automatic robot arm, remote car or intelligent vacuum cleaner, you just need the bricks and your computer and start your Cagebot. No matter you’re a beginner or a master, you can get lots of pleasure during building your own robot through Cagebot.
The idea is inspired from Falcon designed for sleek apperance. Cooperated with the professor Mr. Lin from NTUST , Falcon designed for wide vision, ergonomic fitting and easy usage, which is most benefit for triathlon swimmer. The feature is anti-fog last longer with new tech. The front lens is absolutely plane optical lens with precision molding tech. The advanced injection tech make TPR gasket combined with lens and make no leakage. Product Patent: Taiwan Patent, M543096 European Patent, 003827203-0001 China Patent, ZL201730095018.9 Product certificate: ISO9001: 2015 TW99 / 15584 BS5883: 1996 HKGH02158233 Rooted in Taiwan 39 years, We, SAEKO, offer services for 88 customers at over 50 countries around the world and distributed at 15 countries. At Taiwan, we are also with high market share and brand recognition. We also are serving the international sports brand like: Speedo, FINIS, Mizuno, Disney, Vorgee and Intersports which is the Europe's largest sporting goods channel and so on.
GR7 is a true indoor cycles created for people who want a more inspiring, motivating, engaging way to ride. Thoughtfully designed GR7 is precision-engineered to bring the feel of real road cycling. ? Rear-drive design and ergonomic handlebars, seat and pedals bring the feel of real road cycling to indoor environments ? Magnetic resistance system provides instant, smooth adjustments to challenge ? Adjustable handlebars, seat and pedals make it easy for users of all sizes to find a comfortable riding position ? LCD console offers unique Glow Ride lighting system that lead riders through three different phases of riding to simulate road cycling ? FitDisplay mobile app connects to the cycle via Bluetooth to provide entertainment, motivation, workout tracking and more. Beat program coaches you through resistance changes in sync to your favorite music, Virtual Active gives you the chance to explore exotic locales, and competition programs let you race friends and unlock reward points.
In the stressful modern work environment, increasing numbers of people relieve stress with sports. Many people listen to music while sporting to maintain sports with boring motions, particularly swimming. Apart from the discomfort for prolonged use, traditional swimming earphones using earbuds to transmit sound directly through the ear canal harms human hearing, making it difficult for users to breathe in the water, and letting the earbuds go off at the flip turn. The MUSIC SHELL thus becomes a total solution that brings users with a better sports experience. By simply hanging the small and lightweight MUSIC SHELL on the googles or in the cap, the patented bone conduction technology will create an underwater surround effect through two transmission paths for swimmers to freely enjoy music while swimming, making the MUSIC SHELL a perfect sports companion. The main concept of MUSIC SHELL: experience of joy, intelligence and health and sports with music without a wire.
BESV's JR1 features a sleek, high-end road bike look with an integrated power system and rear hub motor. Its 15.7kg lightweight design offers 252Wh battery power for fast and enduring performance over the hills. JR1 provides Eco, Smart and Power motor assistance modes. Simply tap the Dynamic Switch on the dropbar to intuitively adjust motor power, or let the Smart Mode analyze riding conditions and pedal power to give you the exact support you need while you ride. The digital interface displays information such as cadence and pedaling power to track your training progress. The synchronized lighting on the digital interface and power button provides vivid visual cues for the selected power mode and enables you to focus more on the road. The Smart App offers practical features such as riding dashboard, route planning, navigation and anti-theft alarm to make every journey with JR1 a smart one.
The PSF1's advanced vertically double-folding design allows users to fold and unfold quickly with six easy steps. It also allows the PSF1 to keep an integrated frame design to make the folding e-bike stylish as well as rigid. Along with a rear shock, the PSF1 offers comfortable rides on bumpy city roads and in outdoor environments. Featuring the 18.3kg lightweight design, the PSF1 perfectly satisfies the needs of city commutes and leisurely rides. BESV also provides an optional carrying case tailored for the PSF1. Stored inside the carrying case, the PSF1 is better protected and more conveniently placed in a trunk or carried around. The PSF1's Algorhythm software calculates the power needed by the drive system and delivers optimal performance as required, while the Smart Mode making sure every pedaling force is within the comfort zone. Furthermore, the PSF1 features a removable battery, Smart App, LCD color display with a USB charging port and much more to make every move a smart move!
By patented & intelligent dynamic pressure technology measures Power (pedaling force) from tire air pressure differential, AROFLY ELITE breaks the traditional mechanics of Power Meters.<br /> <br /> AROFLY Power Meter is quick and easy to install on the valve, and is compatible with most of Bikes in current market. By the combination, provides overall biking data with Gross Power, Left/Right Power ratio, Cadence, Speed, Bike tire pressure and much more to rider. The AROFLY ELITE is capable of recording rider’s data in real time, for upload to ACLOUD and Strava for later analysis and comparison.<br /> <br /> With the introduction of the AROFLY ELITE, is now, very affordable for every biker and provides a complete training system for every novice and intermediate cyclist to reach their optimal cycling potential.
The tango of the night shortly kicks and kicks, and under the charm of the dancing sound of flamenco flame-red. Asia spirit's CHARMING women road bike, the use of high carbon fiber frame rigidity, such as can meet the demand of Oriental female petite body riding. The following is the design concept of the most suitable road bike in Asia: 1. The drive chainwheel adopts 48/32 gear ratio setting. 2. Drive the flywheel to 11-32t corresponding to the big tooth disk, which is suitable for riding in the long distance of the slope flat road. 3. It is most suitable for Asian female body height ratio, and the crank length is 160MM, so that the rider can trample forward with the most suitable circumference. 4. Apply lightweight high-strength carbon fiber materials, increase the head pipe and optimize the internal walking design.
The aurora 10 LED module integrates the perfect technologies of electronics, optics and mechanism, and it is the core spindle of energy saving, convenience and safety. Unique and innovative design, featured wireless design (no need to connect with the original car wire line system), magnetic induction control LED light ON and OFF, the aurora 10 LED module lights up when the car door is open; the aurora 10 LED automatically turns off when the car door is closed, and uses independent power supply, effective power for 3 years battery life, its charm quality and innovative elements are applied in the scuff plate illumination, becoming the world leader, can be applied to all car models on the market, can be applied without any restrictions, fully meet the market demand.
If you think tire still needs to do maintenance, then you are wrong. Kenda can help you with getting rid of these tiring works. We develop a new form of tire “Airless tire-K3003” which is the first airless tire sales in the Asia market, this airless tire can be used on the lawn mower, and it can prevent you to have a flat tire when you are driving. (1)Flexible spokes absorb the impact from road, providing well stability, high durability and excellent comfort. (2)With multi-directional pattern design and inner structure of tire, it provides maximum stability and durability. Airless tire has longer life than normal one. (3)K3003/4 is pretty convenient and will save you a lot of time. It can be setup directly without mounting equipment. (4)The products abide by the terms of regulation in EU, the ingredient of products use Low PAHs Level non-staining and environmentally friendly material. (5)Kenda Tire "K3003 AIRLESS" is already export to USA since 2019.
Contemporary style lines, creative interior spaces, tremendous interior volume, and flexible cruising speeds – these are the core features of the new Horizon FD87 fast displacement motoryacht. The FD87’s exterior and interior layouts were designed to take full advantage the volume provided by her 23’2” beam, with separate areas for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying the surroundings. A total of five en suite guest staterooms are on board -- a full-beam, on-deck master stateroom and four guest staterooms below deck – as well as crew quarters just forward of the engine room. The FD87 is a truly advanced, mid-range motoryacht that incorporates cutting-edge design with functional living and entertaining spaces that are comparable to most 100+ yachts.
Contemporary style lines, creative interior spaces, tremendous interior volume, and flexible cruising speeds – these are the core features of the new Horizon FD87 fast displacement motoryacht. The FD87’s exterior and interior layouts were designed to take full advantage the volume provided by her 23’2” beam, with separate areas for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying the surroundings. A total of five en suite guest staterooms are on board -- a full-beam, on-deck master stateroom and four guest staterooms below deck – as well as crew quarters just forward of the engine room. The FD87 is a truly advanced, mid-range motoryacht that incorporates cutting-edge design with functional living and entertaining spaces that are comparable to most 100+ yachts.
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