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Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:CGB-EE /CGB-ET /CGB-WA /CGB-RC /CGB-MOC
award 3

Cagebot is the very first top-level industrial brick. Combine its modular robot sets with gear motors from ShaYang Ye, and you can easily put it to multiple uses like AGV, robot arms and even mini-production lines. Cagebot is certified by EU EN71 and the assembly is so simple that you just need to use a screw driver and metal connectors to put different bricks together. The construction is strong and stable enough for your robot to carry out any kind of heavy-duty mission.
You can get used to it through a straightforward connection between the parts and a simple program to control it. Cagebot has unlimited potential - everything will be achievable through its perfect industrial capability. If you want to build an automatic robot arm, remote car or intelligent vacuum cleaner, you just need the bricks and your computer and start your Cagebot. No matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can get lots of pleasure by building your own robot through Cagebot.



Transmission products not only can be found in big items like space shuttles, ocean liners, jumbo
jets and automobiles, but also in daily used items like power tools, mowers, cash registers, robots
and watches.

Through design and manufacture transmission products can be used in many more applications,
and bring more comfort and convenience to daily life. Transmission products’ effects are deep and
thorough, and the magic everywhere.


Ever since the day Shayang Ye was founded, we have been following the management philosophy of "Harmonic, Truthful and Innovative".Through years of concentrating on the field of micro high-precision geared motor, we have earned customers' trust and confidence. Micro high-precision geared motors are keys to many daily appliance products. Without the progress in miniaturization, weight saving, energy saving and noise-cutting of the geared motor, it would not be possible for many products to reach current level in terms of automation, power-saving, innovation and technology. Let us hope that the magic of our delicate micro high-precision geared motors will lead us to a new world.