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Light Load Automated Guided Vehicle
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:SYR-100
award 3

External Dimension:
Though the current AGV is smaller, it can still operate efficiently, optimize the production rate, reduce the total cost, boost up company’s overall economy under ill conditions.(volume:570x416x200mm)
Way to Freight:
SYR-100 focuses on customizable loading system. Thus, it has shorter heights to reach convenience of custom-addition of material racks.
Using flexible magnetic bars only requires to imbed magnetic bars & RFID on the ground. AGV would read information from magnetic bars and follow instructions of RFID. It can not only avoid misleading problems of colored tape, but also much cheaper.
Steering Control:
We use rear-engine & differential for better control of AGV.
maximum loading:100kgw.
Obstacle Avoidance:
Ultrasound wave as main way to avoid obstacle, bumper strips as auxiliary system

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Established in 1980, ShaYangYe Corporation Limited is dedicated to the research and development of core technologies in gear transmission. The company specializes in the production of precision motor gearboxes, servo motors, encoders, and other related products. Its flagship product, gear motor gearboxes, has consistently ranked among the top three globally in terms of shipment volume. In 2005, ShaYangYe Corporation collaborated with Japanese partners, acquiring key components technology for robotics. This move enabled the company to expand from traditional industries into innovative technology sectors. ShaYangYe Corporation has been continuously developing electromechanical integration, digitalization, smart automation, and robotics-related products. Over the years, through the collective efforts of its employees, the company has gained recognition from major global manufacturers as well as from industry, government, academia, and research sectors.