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Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:SR06-01
award 3

Sumobot, which ShaYangYe Industrial produced is small and weighs only 4 kilogram.
Including 2 SYY’s IG42 gear motors, Skeletons, BASIC Commander and Two-Axis DC-Motors Control board and IR Compound Eye inside, the main bodyis consist from 8 pieces of components so that users could easily assemble it within 2 hours.
SYY’s Sumobot compact with Innovitive MR 2x30 model which control 2 motors’ directions and RPM by simple instruction code get users program their robot or add external components in their favors easily, so it is both entertaining and educational.
1. Easy Assemble
2. High strength skeleton
3. High torque servo motor
4. Programmable Logic Controller,PLC
5. Innovitive MR 2x30 model
It help us to use easy code setting to control Two-Axis DC-Motors Control board. We can also get the information of motors’ status includes RPM and directions and change the motors’ RPM as we want.


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Transmission products not only can be found in big items like space shuttles, ocean liners, jumbo
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Through design and manufacture transmission products can be used in many more applications,
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Established in 1980, ShaYangYe Corporation Limited is dedicated to the research and development of core technologies in gear transmission. The company specializes in the production of precision motor gearboxes, servo motors, encoders, and other related products. Its flagship product, gear motor gearboxes, has consistently ranked among the top three globally in terms of shipment volume. In 2005, ShaYangYe Corporation collaborated with Japanese partners, acquiring key components technology for robotics. This move enabled the company to expand from traditional industries into innovative technology sectors. ShaYangYe Corporation has been continuously developing electromechanical integration, digitalization, smart automation, and robotics-related products. Over the years, through the collective efforts of its employees, the company has gained recognition from major global manufacturers as well as from industry, government, academia, and research sectors.