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Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:MARS
award 3

CAGEBOT "Mars E1" is an educational kit suitable for all-age learning which can be arbitrarily deformed and infinitely expanded. The mechanism uses high-strength industrial-grade plastic building blocks. It has a diverse and modular design and can be used for up to six oriented three-dimensional combination method allows users to easily and quickly expand or change the design style. Used Metal connectors and screw locks that the finished product can be stacked or loaded, and the structure is stable and strong. With self-made miniature reduction DC motor by SHA YANG YE is equipped with metal gears for wear resistance and high output speed stability. The control system is equipped with the CAGEBOT control board and Cagebot_blockly graphic control program made in Taiwan. The control board is designed with foolproof pins and IO expansion pins. Users can choose according to their habits. Built-in infrared, buttons, LEDs, and buzzers Basic functions, and advanced expansion of AI recognition,


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Established in 1980, ShaYangYe Corporation Limited is dedicated to the research and development of core technologies in gear transmission. The company specializes in the production of precision motor gearboxes, servo motors, encoders, and other related products. Its flagship product, gear motor gearboxes, has consistently ranked among the top three globally in terms of shipment volume. In 2005, ShaYangYe Corporation collaborated with Japanese partners, acquiring key components technology for robotics. This move enabled the company to expand from traditional industries into innovative technology sectors. ShaYangYe Corporation has been continuously developing electromechanical integration, digitalization, smart automation, and robotics-related products. Over the years, through the collective efforts of its employees, the company has gained recognition from major global manufacturers as well as from industry, government, academia, and research sectors.