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Taiwan’s Household Equipment, Hardware and Hand Tool Industry
Taiwan's hand tools are the world’s unsung champions! Every year, Taiwan’s tool industry earns US$4 billion from exports of OEM wrenches and pliers. Globally reputed as the “Kingdom of Hand Tools,” Taiwan is one of the world’s top three export countries in this sector, which is one of the island’s most prominent industries. Nearly 70% of enterprises in the hand tool industry are concentrated in the Taichung and Changhua areas.
Ongoing Growth for Two Years Running
According to Taiwan’s Department of Statistics, the number of plants and workers in the hand tool industry is steadily increasing year by year. As of 2017, there were 2,166 factories and about 48,000 workers. The majority of manufacturers are SMEs, and over 70% have fewer than 20 employees. With 70% of the factories centered in Taichung and Changhua, Taiwan’s hand tool industry has a complete upstream, midstream and downstream supply chain.
More than 50% of well-known international mid-range and high-end hand tool brands are purchased from Taiwan.
Taichung’s Golden Valley: The World’s No. 1 Machine Tool Industry Cluster
At the foot of Mt. Dadu in Taichung City is Taiwan’s “Golden Valley” of precision machinery, with over 300,000 employees and an annual output value of NT$900 billion. It is the world’s number one precision machinery cluster in terms of density and per unit area output value, hosting six industries: machine tools and machinery parts, photovoltaic panels, bicycles and parts, woodworking machinery, hand tools, and aerospace.
“Taiwan’s mid-range and high-end hand tool OEM ranks No. 1 in the world.”
- Huang Hsin-Te, Vice Chairman of Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers’ Association and Chairman
of AllProfessional Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Global Hardware Industry Trends

According to technical research consulting firm TechNavio, the global hand tool market will have reached US$125.5 billion in scale by 2022. Over 50% of this is taken up by the North American and Europe markets, home of the world’s largest hand tool import and export countries, with vibrant DIY cultures.

Germany is an important export expansion market for Taiwan’s hardware hand tools and DIY applications. According to the Taiwan External Trade Development Council’s iTrade platform, Germany is Taiwan’s third largest export market in this sector. In 2017, the output value of Taiwan’s exports to Germany reached US$218 million, an increase of 4.8%, second only to the United States and China. In addition, Germany is also Taiwan’s second largest export market of fasteners. In 2017, fasteners exported to Germany accounted for about 9.5% of the island’s total export value, amounting to nearly US$400 million, or US$2.6 per kilogram, and a 10.5% increase in average unit price compared to the previous year. German products with Taiwanese fasteners have long held leading positions in the global automotive, healthcare, and machinery and equipment manufacturing industries, an indication of Taiwan’s importance in Germany’s fastener market.

Estimated global hand tool market scale by 2020
* Please see the booklet for relevant reference data.
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Taiwan Excellence Recommends
Most of towels are manufactured by cotton and will become thinner, fragile, and dropping cotton pieces easily after using.The texture is less tender and comfortable, and easily moldy. Acelon develops patent technological fiber, AceFly?, which surpasses super-Microfiber, Microfiber Plus. It is mite-proof, anti-bacteria, lint-free, strong water absorption, good breathability, tender, durable. AceFly?, The textile has superior drapability and its hand feel is soft. It also has silky appearance and soft gloss. It’s water absorption can be instantly absorbed in one second, and the towel can absorb more than 2000c.c. water. Besides, outline the slender and tender of the yarn with simple lines. The elegant, silky luster is smooth and comfortable.100% made in Taiwan. The towels can be baby’s bath towels, and adult’sdeath towels can be baby’s wrap towels or the elders’ cover blanket when it’s cold. It’s multi-functional. Not only reducing the costs, but also durable.
1. Innovative idea KSS develops patent easy-press lever by combining power and art from outward ergonomics, Easy Releasable Cable Tie is strong and easier to use. 2. Green production a. We devote to CSR. b. UL approved material complies with RoHS and FDA. c. Minimum strength of 20Kgf proved by SGS. 3. Certification KSS is ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, IATF16949 and ISO17025 certified company with thousands of UL, CSA, VDE, DNV.GL, LLOYD, CE, ABS, IP68 certified and RoHS compliant products. 4. Product features 'Easy Releasable Cable Tie' got utility model patent in R.O.C. in 2017. KSS develops 'ergonomic easy-press lever' and 'transformable package' with the idea of All-in-one design and environmental friendly, which meet the consumers' demands for change and fashion. a. Releasable, environmental friendly. b. Outward ergonomic easy-press lever makes release easier. c. Smooth surface inside prevents fastened objects from damage. d. Released by one hand, body slide out automatically.
UP! The weight of the lifting desk is designed to achieve a large load-bearing weight. The design style is restrained, and the choice of materials and the surface treatment process are emphasized. The intelligent lifting control adjusts the height of the table to meet the switching of the working posture, the digital display adjusts the height, and the multiple height is convenient and fast to operate. A variety of peripheral configurations allow users to experience a healthier and more efficient way of working. The use of more advanced silent motor drive to create a quiet working environment; semi-enclosed design of PET screen can also effectively block noise. Systematic ergonomic accessories, including storage, rest pads, PC hangers, etc., make the healthy work posture more comfortable.
1) Integrated earthquake early warning(EEW): MT-2 connects to the Central Weather Bureau, which will automatically alert about impending earthquake and estimated arrival time. The alarm is also activated within the whole area alarm when the earthquake strikes. It also works with a built-in TTS system as a refuge evacuation message announcement. Both functions can let people take the early signs to mitigate losses.<br /> 2) Multi-functional daily use: In addition to the earthquake warning function, MT-2 also has a built-in multi-functions such as automatic cycle broadcasting schedule, displaying environmental information like time, weather, air quality, and etcetera.<br /> 3) Ensuring safety design: unlike most EEW systems in the market which has only single function, which means the system do not run frequently with less fault detection. With this most of the available systems do not react when there are emergencies. The MT-2 integrates EEW on a daily basis and continues to operate and ensure to continue to play vital roles during and before earthquakes.
Spring made of chrome steel material for car.The design of the mechanism achieves the purpose of torque segmentation by precision calculation of the coefficient of spring compression.1.Visually determine the torque value during the locking process,It cover ring surface is treated as bright black and the number is marked in white.2.High degree of customization,Customized service with spring material application and compression technology,flexible setting of 6~10 torque values,Don't need to convert sleeve.3.Miniature design to achieve torque value and lightweight-64g ± 5g,and product size (D) 17mm × (L) 69.9mm. Hand handling operation without burden and storage does not take up space.4.Change BIT more quickly.The kit group is suitable for different application areas, with multiple changes, interchangeability, and convenience efficiency requirements.
With a desire to make consumers feel safe, comfortable and secured, Sakura noticed that consumers’ choice for water heater is often limited by the installation environment. H10FF is easy to install and there is no need to set up an outdoor work shed, saving consumers’ costs and reducing potential risks. Comparing to other water heaters that only have big, medium and small fire and require frequent adjustments on the water temperature, it is equipped with a digital electronic constant temperature system and LED monitor. The embedded microcomputer also allows consumers to control and freely set the water temperature between 35°C-60°C. “Safety” is our priority. The multiple protection mechanisms of the eight major safety devices prevent the happening of all types of incidents and ensure consumers’ safety and comfortableness. With respect to the appearance, Sakura made a great effort on designing a brand new logo to show our new smart and innovative brand image.
YES series was designed with brief lines and geometric cylinder for simplifying outer shape and presenting the absolute image. YES 2 developed with module inlet structure to simplify built-in valve and changed cartridge to be outside of wall not only reducing part and seams of joint but also increasing convenience of replacement and maintenance. Cylindrical handles were machined to be operated facilely. User only need to operate flow rate control handle after well regulate water temperature by the other handle. As users work with lower handle of basin faucet to adjust flow rate or shut off mixer, water will drop into basin for maintaining a clean space easily. Handles were designed at ends of Y shape to reduce size of shower mixer; they could be hot and cold handles or thermostatic and flow control handles. Module inlet structure could be applied into various products with similar spirit and brief look.
Seed is the fountainhead of creation, but not all seeds could sprout and grow up, so each budding seed is the symbol of hope and happiness. Moreover, outlets of “Lucky 7” are like growing stalks to present various styles as creative ideas of designers. Succinct pillared shape design simplified lines of outlets and handle for not only presenting complete figure to be brief and elegant, but also decreasing time and cost of production. Stick handle has been designed to operate easily in wet or slippery conditions. Combine with head shower, hand shower and 2 kinds of sprays of shower jet, Lucky 7 shower combination could bring more joys for user as showering.
M-Tap is a unique and innovative deck mounted wash station, which allows hand washing and hand drying procedures to be accomplished in one single deck. After washing your hands, you can dry your hands directly. Making the procedure of hand washing becomes very easy and fast. The excessive water upon your hands will not splash or sprinkle all over the place due to the movement of your hands. The modular design concept makes the public bathroom space more interesting. M-Tap is composed of two components, including table component and blowing faucet component. Table component is located underneath the sink, while blowing faucet component is located right above the sink. To match up with different architectural design, the wash station has developed various styles of faucets for customers to choose from. Apart from the design of deck mounted faucet, wall-mounted extension faucet is a new option for customer to select.
As the ancient Chinese proverb said, square implies honest, round implies intelligent and the combination of both means wisdom. This great wisdom is the accumulation of Chinese culture for thousands of years, the principal of behaviors and embodiment of Eastern philosophy. Square and round of Arch 2 Basin Faucet present on the spout and handles design to display the perfect interpretation of ancient wisdom and modern style. Handles have been designed with straight and curved lines which created the unsymmetrical vision to catch people’s eyes, moreover, designer symmetrically arrange two handles on both sides of spout brings back the balanced and stable vibration.
TW PushFit are designed for various piping applications. Compared to traditional methods— welding, threading, press— TW features universal compatibility with common pipe materials, tool-free, reusability, low pressure loss, certified health effects & engineered elasticity, benefiting field safety, speed, flexibility, energy-saving. TW's locally the only ISO9001:2015 certified maker, the only Taiwan brand, the only UL/NSF listee, the only offers high grade all stainless version. Planning for export, TW already covers multi pipe materials to be used with and only need to accommodate diameter differences by adjusting tooling. During product launch mid2018, TW applied for CNS standard establishment for PushFit and got approval from IDB committee, contributing to industry advancement. TW also actively introduced new technology via website, ads & social media since for promotion & 1st-hand UX. We're also invited by Industry Associations & Water Bureau to seminar, field-demo & exhibition.
SanMarino Cloud Stone is a new dry glaze of different sizes and materials. It has been experimentally matched and then polished by precision semi-scraping. The surface has a fine particle gap that allows the airflow to pass through. When we step on the tile, we can keep it comfortable and breathable. It does not cause the water to evaporate due to the temperature of the foot. Use the Italian HD digital inkjet technology to smear dark gray, black and other colorless glaze, showing the color of natural ore, and then bring a romantic freehand with dolomite, but naturally it is not messy. The surface of the semi-throwing process reflects the change of light and shade, adding a bright spot to the rock face, like the floating stone road after the spring rain, full of simple charm. Cloud Stone is equipped with computer-controlled precision trimming. The large size of 598x1198mm is neat and tidy. It can show its unique elegance in the "large-scale construction site" and "designer" channels.
Bring a “peaceful” element to the home. This series inspired by top craftsmanship, Plastering. By using high-digital inkjet printing technology, showing a special model of plastering. Simple and refreshing design style gave space a unique personality and a peaceful atmosphere. It’s easy to clean and maintenance, suitable for buildings, villas, public space for indoor use. Selection of top quartz raw materials, the use of protection glaze and dry particles effect, with the control of firing temperature, to create a harder ware, easy to clean and maintain a new generation of quartz glazed tiles. Provide consumers with more environmentally friendly, more convenient, more durable, more practical, more beautiful tile building materials, to meet the greatest value of the needs of consumers.
Develop dual-functions product to replace the current double-hung window insufficient airtightness, and ventilation problem on the market. It has simple and symmetrical shape and eliminating extra visual lines. When panels opened, the relative movement of the inner and outer air allows the air to circulate naturally. The product’s performance designs are: to outdoor “air and water tight” and indoor “energy-saving ventilation”. In response to the increasing of global warming, we developed dual-functions product to replace the current double-hung window insufficient airtightness, and ventilation problem on the market. The core value of the product lies in, whether it meets the potential needs of consumers, constantly in-depth exploring, simulate the using situation and propose the demand complete. This product is easy and safe to operate, and does not require complicated instructions. With simple and symmetrical shape, eliminating extra visual lines, and showing the consistency
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