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Taiwan’s Household Equipment, Hardware and Hand Tool Industry
Taiwan's hand tools are the world’s unsung champions! Every year, Taiwan’s tool industry earns US$4 billion from exports of OEM wrenches and pliers. Globally reputed as the “Kingdom of Hand Tools,” Taiwan is one of the world’s top three export countries in this sector, which is one of the island’s most prominent industries. Nearly 70% of enterprises in the hand tool industry are concentrated in the Taichung and Changhua areas.
Ongoing Growth for Two Years Running
According to Taiwan’s Department of Statistics, the number of plants and workers in the hand tool industry is steadily increasing year by year. As of 2017, there were 2,166 factories and about 48,000 workers. The majority of manufacturers are SMEs, and over 70% have fewer than 20 employees. With 70% of the factories centered in Taichung and Changhua, Taiwan’s hand tool industry has a complete upstream, midstream and downstream supply chain.
More than 50% of well-known international mid-range and high-end hand tool brands are purchased from Taiwan.
Taichung’s Golden Valley: The World’s No. 1 Machine Tool Industry Cluster
At the foot of Mt. Dadu in Taichung City is Taiwan’s “Golden Valley” of precision machinery, with over 300,000 employees and an annual output value of NT$900 billion. It is the world’s number one precision machinery cluster in terms of density and per unit area output value, hosting six industries: machine tools and machinery parts, photovoltaic panels, bicycles and parts, woodworking machinery, hand tools, and aerospace.
“Taiwan’s mid-range and high-end hand tool OEM ranks No. 1 in the world.”
- Huang Hsin-Te, Vice Chairman of Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers’ Association and Chairman
of AllProfessional Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Global Hardware Industry Trends

According to technical research consulting firm TechNavio, the global hand tool market will have reached US$125.5 billion in scale by 2022. Over 50% of this is taken up by the North American and Europe markets, home of the world’s largest hand tool import and export countries, with vibrant DIY cultures.

Germany is an important export expansion market for Taiwan’s hardware hand tools and DIY applications. According to the Taiwan External Trade Development Council’s iTrade platform, Germany is Taiwan’s third largest export market in this sector. In 2017, the output value of Taiwan’s exports to Germany reached US$218 million, an increase of 4.8%, second only to the United States and China. In addition, Germany is also Taiwan’s second largest export market of fasteners. In 2017, fasteners exported to Germany accounted for about 9.5% of the island’s total export value, amounting to nearly US$400 million, or US$2.6 per kilogram, and a 10.5% increase in average unit price compared to the previous year. German products with Taiwanese fasteners have long held leading positions in the global automotive, healthcare, and machinery and equipment manufacturing industries, an indication of Taiwan’s importance in Germany’s fastener market.

Estimated global hand tool market scale by 2020
* Please see the booklet for relevant reference data.
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Taiwan Excellence Recommends
1.Feeling of Coolness: New refreshing formula: The unique refreshing and cool formula is used for eliminating odor and increasing coolness. 2.Feeling of Dryness: Super absorbency liquid-locking layer: The unique diversion structure directs fluid to the bottom layer quickly, and locks it away. Super absorbency with high protection structure keeps top layer dry and prevents it from leakage. 3.Feeling of Breathability: Anti-leakage, comfortable and breathable layer: Highly breathable anti-leakage cover is designed for breathable and releasing humidity rapidly which provides you comfort and happiness. 4.Feeling of Comfort: Soft cotton cover for skin friendly: The top layer is delicate and soft touching which make you feel dry and comfortable. 5.Feeling of Cleanness: The packaging cover is designed by reusable adhesive which is cleanness, hygiene and easy for storage.
DIANA TISSUE BOX HOLDER is a multi-function product and with patented suction cup. The edge of upper and lower caps is with slanted design, easy to contain paper tissue. With our inspiration on design, the upper cap not only be dustproof but also a holder to have more different creation and surprise on product. White makes products more elegant then adds the aesthetics to life. Simple, convenience and safety are our design concept and leading the trend of innovation for suction cups in the word. Adapted with FECA patent suction cup, the loading, duration and suction ability are highly increased. Also waterproof, temperature resistance (range from -10℃ to 70℃) and reusable characteristics enhance the lifetime of product which ensure the practicality in variety environment. With excellent quality, patent technology, creative design, professional package, marketing strategy and complementary between e-commerce and physical store, FECA has successfully build brand reputation.
With a desire to make consumers feel safe, comfortable and secured, Sakura noticed that consumers’ choice for water heater is often limited by the installation environment. H10FF is easy to install and there is no need to set up an outdoor work shed, saving consumers’ costs and reducing potential risks. Comparing to other water heaters that only have big, medium and small fire and require frequent adjustments on the water temperature, it is equipped with a digital electronic constant temperature system and LED monitor. The embedded microcomputer also allows consumers to control and freely set the water temperature between 35°C-60°C. “Safety” is our priority. The multiple protection mechanisms of the eight major safety devices prevent the happening of all types of incidents and ensure consumers’ safety and comfortableness. With respect to the appearance, Sakura made a great effort on designing a brand new logo to show our new smart and innovative brand image.
It is not convenient to maintain and not easy to clean when installing traditional household used RO system. Easywell releases an intelligent RO system to solve above problems. You can bring the intelligent RO system with you when going to creekside. The system can siphon creek water into RO system and filter to provide heath drinking water. You may find some benefits when purchasing this intelligent RO system. A Pressure gauge is installed and it can let you monitor system operation at any time. The RO membrane is an NSF certified cartridge and the food grade filter media is also be used. You can change cartridges easier ad you can just open side doors. You can also know when system is producing water when seeing LED lights glitter. LED light will also can remind you when it’s time to change cartridge. Last but not least this system has water leakage detector device. When water leaks the system will shut down and avoid water flooding.
1.Three-in-one design lets you have BBQ, smoking and outdoor oven in one unit. Tall chimney design prevents users from smoky smell. 2.Adjustable grid helps to lift the distance between heat source and grid which will make user to control the roasted degree of food. 3.Grill fuel is gas which will be ignited quickly without causing environmental dirty. 4.Oven type cooking dome has thermal cycling space which ensures food will be well cooked quickly and won’t be chewy but juicy. 5.Application range: Banquet, party, outdoor BBQ, B&B, leisure farms. CSPS Co, Ltd. was founded in December 1993 by CEO George Liu. This company is a professional hardware development and production company. The products include power adjustable desk, tool storage, BBQ ,kitchen appliance … and etc. Distributors and marketing areas across the US,EU,Japan,Australia,Taiwan,and the countries in Southeast Asia. The company /products meet: ISO/CSA/ETL/CEC/DOE (Energy Conservation)/FCC15B (electromagnetic wave).
Energy saved 20~71.4% than others’. Washing & drying 1-basket tableware within 1 minute. Energy/ labor-saving design: convenient, safe & ergonomic. 4.3” digital touch panel, displaying various operation/ malfunction status, easy to view immediately. Wash/rinse-related parts of entire machine could be dissembled toollessly and effortlessly daily. With sales-marketing & maintenance service systems, applying CRM system by DSC (Data Systems Consulting Co.) to file and maintain customer data periodically, so as to assist sales & maintenance teams to offer instant sales/maintenance services and satisfy clients. Instant maintenance service (arriving within 4 hours after calling. Solving machine problem within 8 hours). Monthly individual machine check and sales/maintenance service team training effectively prevent machine problems. Dishwashers excels in being eco-friendly, energy-saving, safe, non-toxic, clean, hygienic and convenient. Special service models enhances customer loyalty.
Designer observed kinds of organisms to sketch contours of product for expounding orderless growth and concept of meristem. Mixer has been combined with stylish handles and organic spout just like to personally experience the pulsation of life. Installation of concealed valve should be finished before final decorative wall, but there is no chance to rework if there is any mistake. Our brand-new movable cartridge of concealed valve could break the limitation to gain extra 0.4 inch (10 mm) adjusting space after finish installation. Users/plumber could have second chance to move cartridge for correcting mistake and no need to re-work the final wall. Because of movable cartridge of concealed valve, outer handle could keep the same appearance with perfect condition. For our clients, we provide not only a good solution, but also additional value of products for consumers; for plumbers, this valve design is easier to install and provide a better solution among similar products.
Seed is the fountainhead of creation, but not all seeds could sprout and grow up, so each budding seed is the symbol of hope and happiness. Moreover, outlets of “Lucky 7” are like growing stalks to present various styles as creative ideas of designers. Succinct pillared shape design simplified lines of outlets and handle for not only presenting complete figure to be brief and elegant, but also decreasing time and cost of production. Stick handle has been designed to operate easily in wet or slippery conditions. Combine with head shower, hand shower and 2 kinds of sprays of shower jet, Lucky 7 shower combination could bring more joys for user as showering.
The “Eco-friendly airtight double door” is designed on the basis of eco-friendly, human oriented and Taiwan excellence requirements. Based on high performance in airtightness, the door can be applied as balcony doors of mansions or houses. It is also able to provide the users with great view, wide entrance and good performance in ventilation. Whilst, the special design of the door arch, which is hided inside the frame, is to meet users' needs of operational safety and excellent appearance. In addition, the “multi-knots” are installed into the frames of window and the “weather strip gaskets” are both installed onto inner sashes and outer frames to provide with good performances in soundproof and airtightness. On the other hand, Low-E glasses can be installed to enhance soundproof performance and to decrease indoor temperature, providing users with energy-saving and excellent living environment.
New Stories for Space With Blue And White Pottery. With the land of Taiwan as Muses of design and in the style of traditional Chinese blue and white pottery, the Qing Hua Ci series combines Taiwan-specific fern patterns with tile making. It is rarely known that Taiwan is one of a handful of fern paradises in the world, with 33 out of a total of 48 families in the world. More importantly, 70 out of the total of over 600 species are endemic to Taiwan. Like the beautiful tiles in nature, ferns evolve from the sea and extend to the land to decorate every corner on land. Designed with the exclusive fern patterns in Taiwan, the Qing Hua Ci represents a unique patterned tile design in the world that combines with traditional Chinese blue and white pottery to narrate beautiful stories for space.
Each KD Interior Wood Door is made with a solid teak core with a thickness of 45mm and weighs approximately 50 kg. The surface is covered with 0.6~1mm top-grade veneer to highlight the natural textures and colors of wood. These doors also feature sophisticated metal fittings that can endure more than 400,000 uses. The patented four-piece component frame and installation method is aimed to protect the product from being damaged during transportation and installation. We developed a nine-step carpentry process where the wood undergoes the following steps: drying, cutting, polishing, tenoning, mortising, milling, assembling, grinding, and coating. Each door is hand-made to preserve the essence of woodworking. Furthermore, not a single nail is used in the process, instead, joining is done through dowel and dovetail joints to enhance the details of our craftsmanship. We believe perfection lies in the details, use KD Interior Wood Doors to make your living environment a pleasant one.
Accuracy of Validation <br /> HEX analyzes and simulates a multitude of different fire scenarios with our Dynamic Evacuation System while complying to the NIST standard. Research has proven that HEX Dynamic Evacuation System can increase awareness and accelerate the decision-making process, and ultimately assist occupants out of a fire emergency scenario. <br /> Scientific Evidence <br /> The smoke released from the fire not only impedes egress time but can cause permanent health damage or even death. Scientific studies have shown more than 50% of casualties in fire scenarios perish due to smoke inhalation over the FED (Fractional Effective Dose). HEX Dynamic Evacuation System steers civilians away from the most life-threatening areas and directs them towards the safest exit. <br /> Advancing Safety <br /> HEX Dynamic Evacuation System automatically plans the safest egress route according to the hazard potential of each area. If fire spreads to another part of the building, our system updates in real-time and calculates a different viable (and most importantly safe) exit route. Scientific research has shown that only 38% of the population heed static conventional exit signs during an emergency, but once HEX Dynamic Exit Signs are implemented, awareness is doubled to 76%. <br /> International Certification <br /> HEX Safety is the ONLY company in the world to launch a Dynamic Evacuation System with authorization of the SFPE (Society of Fire Protection Engineers). We have also won several awards such as the 2016 iF Design Award and gained necessary licenses like the “Intelligent Building Material in Taiwan” license. With notable recognition from many reputable associations, HEX Safety is fast becoming one of the major global companies in safety and security.
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