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Touchscreen smart twin gas range
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:G2929G
award 2

The “Touchscreen Smart Twin Gas Range” is a designed specifically for Asian cooking style. Automatically adapts itself to how the user cooks and capable of setting the fire power and time before and after cooking. The range reduces the complexity of cooking and improves safety substantially, allowing users for the fun of more intuitive, convenient, and safe cooking!
●It controls time and fire power and automatically selects the suitable cooking mode, such as stewing and soup making commonly seen in Asian cooking.
●When Asians cook, the pot or wok is often lifted away from the stove to break off the contact. For this, this stove is designed to turn itself lower when the pot is lifted from the stove, and back on when the pot is placed on again.
●Flush design with one-touch control makes it easy to clean and convenient to operate.
●Intelligent monitoring throughout the entire cooking process; it automatically cuts off gas supply to prevent burning.


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