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Water Purifier
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:SP028
award 3

Different from ordinary products, all components of SP028 is certified by the global certification authority - USA NSF/ANSI 42, 53 with quality ensured.

 Warranty of Technology & Quality
With particle separation filtration and hi-density compressed activated carbon, 0.5 μm filtration precision can effectively filter some harmful substances like lead, rust, chlorine, stink, sediments and cysts with essential mineral elements available for human bodies. It improves tea or coffee flavor to firstly ensure the whole family with clean water.

 Tips for Easy Installation & Filter Change
Filters are purifier cores. Through filters, harmful substances are filtered to keep water clean. However, periodical change is critical to keep excellent filter efficacy. Busy people often neglect the importance to change filters and make purifiers defectively functional.SP028 is functioned with remaining volume alert. With remaining indication and noise alert, remind users to change filters easily.


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