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Crystal Fossil
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:CF61201105 / CF61201472 / CF61201521 / CF61201756
award 3

The design spindle of SanyoTile "CrystalFossil"was developed based on three keywords: "Crystal", "Mirror" and "Evolution".
"CrystalFossil" is a series of mirror glaze full-thrown quartz bricks, using a multi-layered inkjet printing process of first printing and glaze, producing a natural stone texture; tightly combining brick, printing glaze and transparent glaze to make the stereoscopic effect stronger, with better transparency, high structural hardness and precise texture.
The product size of the "CrystalFossil" series has evolved into a single piece 90x90cm, a larger size, a larger paving pattern, and the price is much lower than natural stone,and is the best choice to replace the use of natural stone.
"MIT" is made in Taiwan, with pure quality and a combination of many advantages. It will extend the life of ceramic products. The long-lasting material performance is itself an effective use of natural resource conservation. Of course, it is also a safe, healthy and trustworthy representative!


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"Sanyo was established in 1971 (one of the top manufacturers in Taiwan) and produces all kinds of products such as external/internal wall tiles, floor tiles, homogenous tiles etc. Sanyo has two brands – STG (S for Sanyo, T for tile, G for group) and SAN MARINO was named after a Dalmatian stone-cutter, by the name of Marino. Sanyo sells the tiles on both domestic and foreign markets, and is now dealing with more than ten major trading countries. Sanyo has the highest quality and best services with the advanced equipment, well accumulated experience, and total commitment. Sanyo had passed the qualification of Inspection Standard Implemented by Singapore in 1986, and received the certificate of ISO 9001 by the bureau of commodity Inspection and Quarantine. The abbreviation of Sanyo Tile Group, STG, can be read as: S: Skill(specialize skill) ; T: Tradition(inherit tradition) ; and G: Growth(continue growth), which represents our company’s spirit extremely.


Mr. Fu-Ji Chen, the second son of Mr. Chuan-Shin Chen, entered building ceramics industry by producing mosaic in 1968. At that time, the kiln stove in practice was still “own flame firing kiln” which was very tall. Once it was collapsed, Mr. Fu-Ji Chen survived after the accident and rented a factory from Shun-Long Company n 1970 to keep on producing the mosaic. With the slogan of “Sanyo Tile Group makes the world dream”, he started to market his mosaic with S.T.G tiles brand, which also brought about another successful career of Chen’s porcelain and ceramic family in building ceramic industry.