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Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:HY-2044BR
award 3

1. Ergonomic curved body original design, paying special attention to the comfort of the tiger's mouth when holding the tool, also assure the trigger function well.
2. The two features of spindle action and wrench storage make it easy for the user no need to return to toolbox to find special tools to remove and install the grinding head. Save time and convenience, increasing work efficiency.
3. This product also has passed tests of environment (temperature and humidity), anti-corrosion (salt bath), drop (1.0m), solvent (oil, gasoline, brake oil, ethanol, toluene, alcohol), sharp angle, water/air pressure, vibration, noise, etc., specified by our internal and also customer.
4. Another feature of this product is porous decompression exhaust which can reduce noise and increase cylinder efficiency, thus reducing air consumption and air compressor power consumption.
5. This tool can be used in a variety of working locations and narrow spaces, greatly improving the convenience of the tool.



Backed by a proven and successful 30 more years track record, HYPHONE currently operates from two factory sites both in Taiwan and China with about 140 employees, making it a major pneumatic manufacturer in Asia. Hyphone’s extensive manufacturing network includes its own manufacturing process unit and assembly line, enabling more than 70% vertical integration in its production capability.

HYPHONE manufactures comprehensive range of light industry, professional, automotive,foundry,construction, mining, shipbuilding and other industries pneumatic tools in total solution. Currently, there are more than 100 kinds of tools in our production line; most of them bear CE certifications. HYPHONE has also invested heavily into product development. New generations of commercial & professional products are continuously being developed from our designated Taiwan and China R&D teams to meet and exceed customer demands.


Hyphone established its own brand “ BOA, Black Bull “ more than 10 years ago. Products made under this brand are mainly pneumatic tools and sold in the areas of China and South East Asian countries. As known, ancient society is based on agriculture. Bull has been the farmer most dependable helper. The Bull hard-working spirits deserve our deep respect. Also, Pneumatic Industry belongs to “ Black Hand “ business. Workers practice their duty from dawn to dusk diligently with wrinkled hands. This hardship is just like bull plowing paddy without any complaint. This is why the company owner wish all employees can pass down the Black Bull spirits. Moreover, we also hope our customers consent with our working manners in order to structure a long term partnership.