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Electrical storage cabinet
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:TS-9601
TOPAX International Corp.
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TS-9601 is the first electric appliance of Topax’s Golden series. To fit the design trend of modern kitchen and the maintenance of kitchen cabinets, the design and production is focused on innovations. For product strategy is added as a member of golden series, with the color gold/ black/ imitation lines/ and square edges.
We have designed “one-touch timer control” which can set the status in one touch. The Logo, panel, button, and coating are all stain-resistant. Plus a stepless door, providing a wonderful experience while cooking.
All components are made with stainless steel to minimize any chance of corrosion against heat and moisture.
100% Made in Taiwan and nearly all components are made with recyclable materials, friendly to the environment. Not only does it have delicate exterior designs, but is also a solution to modern kitchen lifestyle and deliver the core concept of our brand ” Honesty and Satisfaction”.

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About TOPAX International Corp.

TOPAX is the famous and time-honored brand as well as the top three of the water boiler brands in Taiwan.
With the spirit of honest and satisfactory, the core value of brand is to meet people’s desires in life under the three principles, reliability and trust、needs oriented and well worth it’s value.
We emphasize customer service, in addition to a toll-free service hotline 08000250550, and have also set up local sales offices to better serve customers.


TOPAX is the famous and reliable brand over 80 years in Taiwan. Since funded in 1929, we started to produce the water heaters and gas stoves in 1967; in 2008, TOPAX International Co.,Ltd took over the operation and reconstruction of TOPAX, which takes the third place for the kitchen and bath in Taiwan. We make commitment with a brand spirit of “Honesty and Satisfaction”. With the reliability, the demand and the value beyond price, we are the first company to promise the five-year warranty based on the brand core of “for the down-to-earth wish in life” with well-known brand over 92%. We insist on 100% MIT to continuously promote the brand concept; since 2010, we successively earned the My Home-Taiwan Ideal Home Brand Reward in six straight years and Gorgeous Space-Taiwan Home Appliance Trend Brand in 2015, making efforts for the fine brand in Taiwan.

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