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IoT Smart Water Meter
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:TH
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Built-in functions to achieve smart water management.
The smart meters can analyze data, such as:
1. A symbol which identifies leakage in pipes so that consumers can be informed as soon as possible.
2. Manual reading is not essential because the smart meter will log daily from 8 days and up to 8 months' consumption and this data can support water utility to balance management or find leaks in DMA.
3. Static days, tamper days and reverse days' data will help water utility manage consumption easily.

IoT applications to replace manual reading and provide added-value.
1. The data will be uploaded to the cloud and consumers can check data on the platform by mobile APP.
2. Manual reading is outdated and smart applications are now a priority. Smart meters can analyze data instantly without sending data to the cloud.
3. Smart water meters can connect to NB-IoT, LoRa, 4G protocols. Taipei city, Mazou islands, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam have successfully implemented smart water meters.


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Founded in 1991, Energy Management System Company (EMS) is a dedicated smart water metering solutions provider based in Southern Taiwan Science Park, Taiwan. The smart water network solutions have been developed and installed for more than 90% of the water supply networks in Taiwan. From smart water meters (hardware) to the software (water supply monitoring platform), all have been designed and developed by EMS company in Taiwan.
Our innovative smart water management solutions have received various recognitions, such as “EU Smart Water Meter Applications” in 2011, “USA Pittsburgh INPEX Awards” in 2013, and “Taiwan Excellence” for 7 years.
From the past decade, due to climate changes, raining and typhoon seasons have occurred unexpectedly. We hope to bring the importance of the water awareness to the water utilities, industrial and commercial sectors. Implementing “TAIWAN WATER METER & SMART WATER MANAGEMENT” is our goal and promote Taiwan Water Technology on the world stage.


The founder of EMS, Mr. Ma Chuan, has attended AWWA annual meeting in 1989 and attracted by the advanced electronic water meter due to its accurate measurement and smart functions from the exhibition. At that time, water shortage is a big challenge in Taiwan. If we have Taiwan-made electronic water meter, Mr. Ma believe we can find out leakage effectively and reduce water loss.
In 1991, EMS has been created from a group of engineers. In 1993, the 1st Taiwan-made electronic water meter has been released on the market. People always said that the history of EMS company just like the historical development of the Taiwan electronic water meter.
EMS dedicated to developing smart water meter, IoT dataloggers and software systems as the total solutions for our customers from water utilities, industrial and commercial applications. Not only in Taiwan, but also from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and South Africa, we have successfully installed our smart water metering solutions.

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