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Woltmann Water Meter
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:WT
award 3

[Highly sensitive and precise metering technology]

Electronic sensing devices is highly sensitive to low flow to prevent measurement errors. High measurement ranges complies with ISO 4064 standards.

[Build-in 8 years lifespan battery and IP68 protection]

Long life battery and IP 68 protection to fit in various field environments.

[Smart metering functions]

Smart water meters can display forward/reverse totalizer respectively, the latest 8 days flow logs, overload flow events, leakage events and tamper events to manage the water easily, maintain water safety and analyze water abnormal consumption.

[Advanced IoT metering technology]

Smart water metering technology has been applied in C&I, and water utilities to develop water network platforms. 80% of the markets has installed smart bulk water meters in Taiwan water utilities. In addition, the smart bulk water meters have exported to water utilities from South Africa, Vietnam and Thailand as well.

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EMS Company, as the experienced Smart water meter manufacture with 30 year experiences, is the 1st smart water meter company located in Tainan science park. As the leading water supply network operator in Taiwan, we have supported 4 major water utilities to develop smart water network systems, which manage more than 90% water supply in Taiwan. We are honored to receive awards, from “EU Smart Water Meter Applications” in 2011 to “USA Pittsburgh INPEX Awards” in 2013, and “Taiwan Excellence” for 6 consecutive years.
We are dedicated to providing total water network solutions, including hardware production to software platform development, and Smart leakage service, to assist Water utility, Industrial and commercial sectors. Since 2018, EMS participated in “Forward-looking infrastructure development program” with satisfying service and continues to implement “TAIWAN WATER METER & SMART WATER MANAGEMENT” concept to promote Taiwan Water Technology on the world stage.


EMS Company is founded in 1991, with 30 year experiences and efforts to develop smart digital water meter and smart AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) water supply operation systems in Taiwan.
EMS possesses with Marketing and R.D capabilities, Quality Assurance (ISO 9001 certified) approval, After-Sales services team and TAF-approved calibration & testing Laboratory (ISO 17025 certified) to becomes the pioneer of the smart water meter manufacturer in Taiwan. Capable of providing the smart digital water meters and wireless IoT dataloggers to water utilities, industrial & commercial sectors, EMS intends to bring Smart Metering Technology and AMR water supply systems to elevate the efficiency and the effectiveness of Taiwan’s water resource management. Not only in Taiwan, we have supported our clients also from Vietnam and Thailand to upgrade water metering system. We are ready to bring MIT Metering technology to the world and upgrade your water management system to the next level.

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