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Super Duty Air Impact Wrench
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:KI-1495
award 3

1. Lightweight:
- Aluminum Alloy all-in-one design: the head is only 138mm and the overall tool is only 1.8kg, beating the traditional impact wrench.
2. 3-in-1 Operation:
- One-handed operation cuts control time by 50%.
3. High Efficiency Motor:
- Reduces exhaust noise to below 90-95dB and protects from hearing damage caused by long-term use.
4. New Impact Structure:
- Uses hard nodular cast iron to improve rigidity bearing capacity. In operation, it reduces vibration by 35%, and output vibration by 40% which lowers the risk of pressure on the user's hands.
5. High Efficiency Motor:
- 10% lower air consumption than same-class products and reduces the amount of air consumed by the air compressor to improve work efficiency, save electricity and has less environmental impact.
6. New Appearance:
- Compared with a traditional tool, the 1495 has head space which is only 138 mm and the weight is just 1.8 kg.
7. HFE Hand Grip:
- Up to 95% of handle space minimizes operator fatigue caused by vibration.

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KUANI Gear Co., Ltd. was established in Hsin Chuang Dist, New Taipei City in 1982.The capital of the company is NT$400 million and the number of employees are 400. The main businesses are the development/design/manufacturing /marketing of pneumatic maintenance tools. Headquarter is located in Hsin Chuang Dist, New Taipei City (Business Department / Management Department / Product Department), and main production is located in the Dajia District, Taichung City,( Dajia Youshi Industrial Zone) . There are divided into the Youshi Factory (R&D Department/ QC Department / Purchasing Department / Materials Department / Manufacturing Department) and Youer Factory (painting factory / plastic injection factory / metal heat treatment ), Youshan factory (assembly department / shipping department / precision dewaxing business), Qing Nian factory (aluminum alloy die-casting factory / hot forging factory).

http:// www.kuani.com

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