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Pneumatic Impact Wrench
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:KI-1480
award 3

KI-1480 is a 1/2” Air Impact Wrench. It is innovative, multi-functional and safe. The tool meets the needs of the current market. The following is a introduction of KI-1480:
1.Lightweight Design-Introducing FRP and TPR embedded design, the tool weight is only 2.29kg.
2.Reduce Vibration Design-【Ductile Iron with High Strength】is adopted to improve the rigidity bearing capacity and smooth force.
3.Low Emission Design-Compared with products of the same stage, the air consumption is reduced by about 15%.
4.PATENTED-《One-Handed F/R Switch Operation》The first innovative in the industry can use a thumb and index finger to quickly switch between positive and negative.
5.New Two Hammer Clutch-The structure of the lifting chamber is strengthened; the impact surface of the drill is increased.
6.Ergonomic Handle Design- The TPR design directly absorbs vibration and is comfortable.
7.High Efficiency Motor- Effectively improve the output efficiency of the air motor by about 20-25%.

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KUANI Gear Co., Ltd. was established in Hsin Chuang Dist, New Taipei City in 1982.The capital of the company is NT$400 million and the number of employees are 400. The main businesses are the development/design/manufacturing /marketing of pneumatic maintenance tools. Headquarter is located in Hsin Chuang Dist, New Taipei City (Business Department / Management Department / Product Department), and main production is located in the Dajia District, Taichung City,( Dajia Youshi Industrial Zone) . There are divided into the Youshi Factory (R&D Department/ QC Department / Purchasing Department / Materials Department / Manufacturing Department) and Youer Factory (painting factory / plastic injection factory / metal heat treatment ), Youshan factory (assembly department / shipping department / precision dewaxing business), Qing Nian factory (aluminum alloy die-casting factory / hot forging factory).

http:// www.kuani.com

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