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Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:KI-1493-VG-MT
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KI-1493-VG-MT is an Air Impact Wrench. It is innovative, multi-functional and safe. The tool meets the needs of the market. The following is a introduction of KI-1493-VG-MT:
1.Lightweight Design-Introducing FRP and TPR embedded design, the tool weight is only 1.9kg.
2.Reduce Vibration Design-【Ductile Iron with High Strength】is adopted to improve the rigidity bearing capacity and smooth force.
3.Low Emission Design-Compared with products of the same stage, the air consumption is reduced by about 15%.
4.Push Button Switch-Changed the "traditional knob-type reversing mechanism" to a more convenient “push-type reversing” to complete the reversing setting between one-handed control.
5.New Two Hammer Clutch-The structure of the lifting chamber is strengthened; the impact surface of the drill is increased.
6.Ergonomic Handle Design-It directly absorbs vibration, and reduces the discomfort of users' hand.
7.Patent-《Torque-Limited Design》It effectively let the user more accurately in operation.

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KUANI Gear Co., Ltd. was established in Hsin Chuang Dist, New Taipei City in 1982.The capital of the company is NT$400 million and the number of employees are 400. The main businesses are the development/design/manufacturing /marketing of pneumatic maintenance tools. Headquarter is located in Hsin Chuang Dist, New Taipei City (Business Department / Management Department / Product Department), and main production is located in the Dajia District, Taichung City,( Dajia Youshi Industrial Zone) . There are divided into the Youshi Factory (R&D Department/ QC Department / Purchasing Department / Materials Department / Manufacturing Department) and Youer Factory (painting factory / plastic injection factory / metal heat treatment ), Youshan factory (assembly department / shipping department / precision dewaxing business), Qing Nian factory (aluminum alloy die-casting factory / hot forging factory).

http:// www.kuani.com

A Rags-To-Riches Story - Legend of KUANI KUANI was founded in 1982 by the Cheng brothers in a small 100sqm apartment in Taipei, Taiwan. The business started out machining parts and gears for other manufacturers.Due to the limited profitable income from this type of work KUANI decided to diversify into other areas and in 1985. In 1989, KUANI successfully produced the first-professional Twin Hammer Pneumatic Impact Wrench and attracted the interest of well-known American manufacturer of pneumatic tools and became a leading global manufacturer of pneumatic tools.Through these 35years, always adhered to the concept of “one step at a time”steadily develop pneumatic tools and different industry development such as lost wax casting, aluminum die-casting, paint, plastic injection and heat treatment etc. Based on this success development KUANI create annual sales turnover exceeded NT$1.2 billion and services span in the North America, Europe Asia, Central America, Middle East and Africa.

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