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Taiwan’s Healthcare Industry – Current State and Development Potential
Sustained Growth of Taiwan’s US$3 Billion Medical Equipment Industry
IEK Consulting estimates that in 2017 the output value for Taiwanese medical equipment was about US$3.4 billion and will have reached US$3.8 billion by 2019. The aging of society has resulted in an increased demand for assistive devices and bone implants, which, along with increased orders for blood sugar meters, test strips, and contact lenses, will be major drivers of output value growth. Taiwan has three opportunities for developing smart healthcare:
  • A complete and comprehensive electronic industry supply chain and medical system.
  • National Health Insurance data accumulated over 24 years can be applied in AI medicine development.
  • Proprietors and hospitals can collaborate to export solutions overseas.
State of Healthcare Industry Exports in Taiwan as of 2018
“Taiwan is extremely well suited for digital healthcare. Its medical environment has a high cost-to-performance ratio. Such areas as digitization and automation rely greatly on machinery integration and automated production, which dovetail with Taiwan’s IT and semi-conductors industries.”
- Michel Chu, General Partner, Acorn Campus Taiwan
“Biomedical Industry Innovation and Promotion Program” Accelerates Biomedical Development
Global Healthcare Industry Trends
Since artificial intelligence became a hot topic around 2017, cognitive technology and IoT applications have become a key focus of the global biomedical industry and the investment community. Due to population aging in recent years, demand for medical treatment is on the rise, and new technologies and products have ushered in an era of growth in the global pharmaceutical and medical equipment markets. (In 2017 the total value of the medical equipment market was US$402.8 billion, and it is expected to increase to US$521.9 billion by 2022.)
* Please see the booklet for relevant reference data.
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Taiwan Excellence Recommends
IAQ-Pro indoor air quality monitor is able to detect and indicate Particulate Matter (PM2.5, PM10) / Gas / Temperature / Humidity simultaneously, and show the detection value and historical data chart on the display at any time. It also contains four expandable sockets for the gas smart sensor which allows the user to add four extra detection items at any time. Users are able to detect 9 kinds of detection items at the same time through this design. Additionally, IAQ-Pro can be installed easily by the user themselves. They only need to install the mounting backplane and hang up the IAQ-Pro to finished installation. Moreover, IAQ-Pro is designed with POE+ which allows signal and power supply at the same time. In conclusion, the design of IAQ-Pro has considered numerous of human factors engineering. It not only provides a friendly user interface but also convenience on the operation to the users.
As medical IT devices are becoming more commonly used in hospitals these days, additional IT resources are required to manage the devices which can include installing and maintaining software, managing a large inventory of devices, and other IT related duties. In an effort to reduce the manpower needed to manage a large number of network connected medical IT devices, ORION can provide a complete set of hardware and battery information for any connected Onyx device, supplying important feedback to hospital IT staff if any problem should occur. It can also show which wireless access point a device is connecting to, which can help identify and locate the device. ORION’s Event Manager can be used for preventive maintenance, sending IT staff important service reminders from each and every device at a cost of zero extra loading for staff.
Babybot offers one-stop service from evaluation to suggestion and also enhancement program. Integrated with muscle loss evaluation, AI improvement description, arm & leg muscle training, and coordination / balance training functions. Evaluation data is analyzed by AI system, generating personal improvement program. All training data is auto-recorded for description AI adjustment and improvement tracking. Babybot has simple graphical UI for elderly user, curved elegant outlook design with safety design for public use. Babybot is TFDA approved and protected by several patents.
1. Ultra slim 39mm thickness and 2.8kg light weight for easy installation 2. High performance Intel quad core 2.42Ghz Processor for running heavy loading medical applications 3. Fanless design with light weight plastic rear cover and aluminum heat sink for medical dust-free requirement, easy cleaning and infection control 4. 15.6” high brightness 300 nits and high resolution1920x1080 LCD with touch control to meet medical imaging application and easy using requirement 5. One medical 4KV isolated COM and two medical 4KV isolated LAN ports to protect patients from harmful surges or spikes in the electrical signal 6. Supports Power over Ethernet to remote watch and control power status of each ONYX-1531 7. Multiple security devices: Trusted Platform Module, Smart Card Reader, RFID, Magnetic Stripe Reader to protect confidential medical data 8. Supports VoIP phone and 5M pixels camera for patient infotainment application
With a small volume blood requirement, rapid analysis capability and easy operation convenience, the analyzer is suitable for the designated Point-of-Care locations, such as clinics, care centers, a nursing home, ambulance, community health centers, schools, corporate health centers, remote areas, medical and clinical laboratory and other applications. In addition, based on easy to use, small size, cost-effective advantages, the product also have a highly potential for future expansion to the counter- sales (over the counter, OTC) and general household use as an important tool for preventive medicine and personalized healthcare management. ENNOLIFE Advantages - Multi-analytes measurement, up to 15 items at a single run - Low sample volume, down to 60μL of fingertip blood is needed - Fast respond time, as 15 minutes to obtain the result - Multi-applications, such as biomedical, food safety and environmental detection are supported
MiiS develops products with own strength. The product integrated with optical, mechanical, electronic and software with miniaturized rapid photography being core technology. The lightweight, innovative handheld digital tonometer features a new optical design and electronic control system. It is in a compact size that can be used by both physicians and optometrists. Horus Scope Digital Portable Tonometer uses non-invasive nature of air pressure detection. It doesn't have to contact patient directly, getting better comforts for patient, and avoiding the concern of infection or allergies. Easy to operate and measure quickly, best apply on clinical diagnosis and disease assessment. At the same time, the built-in memory card and the wireless transmission module can be transmitted to the remote end to make electronic cases through the network, which is novel and has great benefits for constructing the rural medical care and telemedicine.
The TurboFuge is a compact microcentrifuge with 24-place capacity and a speed up to 21,400 x g that satisfies a wide range of applications. Multiple Safety Design ‧A robust metal lid and chamber. ‧Intelligent imbalance detection. ‧A motorized dual lock. ‧Lid drop protection. ‧An aerosol-tight metal lid. Low Noise Level The interior of the lid and chamber are constructed with metal material which will reduce noise to provide a comfortable working environment. Easy to Operate ‧The intuitive graphic icons and the LED display show the status and settings of the microcentrifuge. ‧The Lid Open Indicator gives users a clear visual warning by lighting up when the centrifugation is complete, and turning off when users open the lid. Sample Protection An enhanced ventilation design and the heat sink around the chamber are applied to reduce the temperature created during high-speed rotation. The metal lid and rotor can be autoclaved to avoid contamination of samples.
We develop new technology for mixing magnetic beads. Maelstrom 8 Autostage is the smallest automated nucleic acid extraction system in the market. With Intuitive user interface and simple operation it can help you accomplish various applications of magnetic beads and provides a walk-away solution for nucleic acid and protein purification. In contrast to conventional pipetting and up-and-down plunging magnetic bead handlers, our patented technology enables higher mixing efficiency, larger processing volume, and avoidance of aerosol cross-contamination.
1.Modular Design (solid aluminum alloy structure with carbon fiber options). 2.SmartLink: quick and easy to attach/detach table sections. 3. High loading weight capacity 454kg can support Bariatric surgery. 4. Ares 8000 can slide up to 400mm to provide C-Arm coverage in the head and leg are while allowing unrestricted access to the operation field. 5. Ares 8000 with ergonmoics design and slide to head 200mm can provide the comfortable space for Shoulder surgery and Neurosurgery. 5. The supporting column made of SUS 304 stainless steel for easy clean and anti-corrsion. 6. Intelligent Anti-collision system(AIS) to protect against extreme angle collisions of operating table. 7. Slide to the end the leg section blend down 100 degree without interruption to facilitate urology and gynecology surgery. 8. Intelligent Tablet control and wireless remote control. 9.Compatible with all Mediland accessories.
The “Retina” is a stereotactic surgery navigation systems for Neurosurgery, Craniofacial, ENT, Plastic, Aesthetic and other types of minimally invasive surgical applications. The “Retina” reduces unnecessary tissue injuries, to aid in minimally invasive surgeries, improve surgical quality, which provide overall better medical service for patients. 1) Precise 3D space positioning Doctors can monitor the position of the instrument tip in real time during surgery in order to increase the accuracy of surgery. 2) Minimally invasive surgery Faster recovery with less trauma. 3) High compatibility The “Retina” is equipped with a universal adaptor which works with a variety of surgical instruments and it also has multiple solutions to adapt to various operating rooms and equipments. 4) High price-performance value Along with a high price-performance value, the improved surgical outcomes provide better medical service for patients.
The new foldable power wheelchair Caneo RX equipped with 200w high- performance Hub-Motors not only reduce the weight of main frame down to 27.0kg also provide responsive 10km/h maximum speed. With MAXXIS DTH superior BMX tire, the chair will still stick on the ground while high speed driving, speedy yet safety. In order to solving the limitation of travel, we chose battery core from Panasonic and built a high quality and testing passed 24V/11.5Ah lithium battery pack, to make you fly again. Besides, the advanced also modularized frame design provides 4 different seat widths (36/39/42/45cm) as a selection for any size of user; customized profile of Dynamic LiNX controller module can be adjusted quickly from any smart device, all the features bring you more joy than ever.
The winner of the Red Dot Award 2018, EVO Altus standing power wheelchair is ergonomic and tailor-made to retrieve users' self-confidence, social engagement, and most importantly, an independent life! The Karma EVO Altus aims to improve both mental and physical health for wheelchair users. The chair’s standing function enables users to have an eye-level view of social interactions besides physical benefits. For those with weaker body control, EVO Altus offers tailored made standing movement, such as lying-to-standing, so almost everyone can enjoy an independent life on the wheels. The best three designed functions: 1.Four ways to stand up by power: to fulfill various kinds of body conditions. 2.Tilt-in-space by power(45°): to remain a better sitting position stability. 3. Recline by power(-5° to 180°): to release sitting pressure from the hip to the back to prevent skin symptoms.
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